Level Loop Adjustment Spreadsheet

This handy spreadsheet computes a level loop’s misclosure and distributes corrections evenly throughout the loop. You supply the rod readings or height differences around the loop as well as the starting and ending elevation. The spreadsheet computes the misclosure and adjusted elevations for all stations in the loop.

There’s a blank spreadsheet with the formulas in it, ready to use and an example spreadsheet as well.

Level Loop Adjustment Spreadsheet Example

Level Loop Adjustment Example


Microsoft Excel 2003 or later

How To Use

1. Download the Level Loop Adjustment Spreadsheet (Zip file, 16Kb)  and extract it.

2. Open Level-Loop-Adjustment.xls in Excel. (Or look at the example).

3. Follow the steps in the spreadsheet. Only input data where headings are green.
(Blue headings indicate computed values.)


Open Level-Loop-Adjustment-EXAMPLE.xls in Excel to view an example.

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