Even Masters of Public Speaking Will Benefit From Karen McGregor’s Rock The Stage

This evening I went to Karen McGregor’s presentation Triple Your Income Through Speaking. I had heard great things about her Rock The Stage workshops.

Why did I go?

I wanted to learn to become a better public speaker.

The time was extremely valuable and I did learn many useful tips (golden nuggets) that I will be applying to my networking as well as my upcoming presentations. It was great to finally meet Karen. I’d been looking forward to this for a while. I also met some other amazing people.

Every day do something that makes you feel alive. We need more people to say, "I choose life, I choose to live." ~ Karen McGregor

Every day do something that makes you feel alive. We need more people to say, “I choose life, I choose to live.” ~ Karen McGregor

Speaking, as a marketing method, has the highest ROI. It also has the highest level of referrals. Often times we as entrepreneurs spend our time in ways that do not give us much return on investment (Facebook! *shakes fist*). According to Karen, and I agree with her, spending the several hours that you spend on Facebook each week, creating your signature talk instead will give you huge returns, comparatively. And once you have a successful talk, you can duplicate it as a webinar.

Think about it… do you go to many networking events? I know I do. Wouldn’t you like to be the speaker at the event, rather than in the crowd? You’ll make a much larger impact and you’ll free yourself to a whole new level of life.

I’m going to share some of the golden nuggets I received today.

I learned about selling from the heart. Think about your offering as an invitation. Invite the people who want the change that you offer. You will help them transform their life.

Randi Winter and Bevan Bird

Randi Winter and Bevan Bird. Randi is an awesome individual and a specialist in Inspired Pursuits. Check out her website Passionate Travel.

Speaking is actually a one-to-one experience. Each person in the group is having a personal experience with you.

Are you winging your presentations and talks? If so, are you ecstatic about your results? If not, you will benefit from putting systems and a structure in place. You will be more relaxed and free to be yourself. You’ll be relaxed because you know what’s coming next and you can be present and give your all in the moment, without having to plan what’ll happen next. You already have the whole talk outlined. And you know the system works because it has been proven by countless others before you.

One key point is that the audience only cares about the story of THEIR OWN TRANSFORMATION. And how they will have a better life. Tell them a personal story about your struggle and what you achieved… that is, about your transformation… and they will feel you and identify with you. But your story is not just about you. Tell stories about the people who worked with you and talk about their transformations.

Karen gave examples of three powerful types of testimonials you should include in your talks to win even more people over and invite more people to take the journey with you.

Before I tell you what those three types are, I have to ask you: Do you know why your client hesitates?

People will only take the risk and pay to work with you if you show them the risks you have taken to get to where you are. They want to know what you’re made of! Why should they risk their time and their cash to work with you? Because you can help them transform. And because you believed in yourself, invested in yourself and took risks yourself to get here!

If you have taken the leap of faith, they will do it too. How much of a risk have you taken to get to where you are? How deeply have you felt despair?

One type of testimonial comes from a person who is the opposite of you. Her example was that people in her audience might look at her and think that she’s an energetic, social extrovert and then think, “I’m not like that. I can’t do what she’s doing.” Then they would not accept her invitation to go to her workshop because they think her system wouldn’t work for them. Well, Karen assured us that her system works for all kinds of people. But it’s more important to show people rather than tell them. It reaches the subconscious mind that way and that is much more powerfully persuasive. Here’s the example she shared: A testimonial from a man who was very shy and soft spoken, the opposite of her. Then people who are more like that man can think, “I’m like him. He did it. She helped him do it. I can do it too. She can help me too!”

Inclusive "So Much More" Testimonial Example

Inclusive “So Much More” Testimonial Example

Another type is the inclusive “so much more” testimonial. Here you show that people get more than they thought they were going to get. You tell the story about what that person experienced. You’re not pushing a product. You’re just sharing your passion about what she felt.

For all testimonials, specific is best! You can go back and ask your (past or present) clients, “What, specifically, is better in your life since working with me?” Take notes. This is the gold!

 Another type is the “Doubtful to Dynamite” testimonial. This is one where the people was initially doubtful about the value of your offer… they thought they knew what they were doing and didn’t need your help. But after they received your help, their results improved significantly and they were surprised. You see, 10% of people will be doubtful of your offering all the way through your talk. This way you can help them get over that doubt by showing them that others who doubted you also benefited greatly from your services or products.

Daniel Chen and Bevan Bird

Daniel Chen and Bevan Bird. Daniel is a branding expert and he was very kind and insightful with me. Check out his website StuckApart.com

I have shared some of what I learned this evening and I hope this has been valuable to you. I’m also going to share a summary of Karen’s own story, as an example. Remember, people connect deeply with us when we tell them our story.

The turning point in her life that led her to her current life’s work was this… She spoke in front of 3,000 people and afterwards sold a few boxes of books from her table at the back. After, she realized she had programs that those people who bought her books would have benefited from… but she hadn’t sold a single program. Her income was also very low and life was a bit of a struggle, as a single mom of two boys. The missing piece for Karen was selling. She had always thought it had to be uncomfortable! She would either rush through the “sales” part at the end of the talk or omit it entirely and “wilt” on stage, as she called it. That’s when she decided to figure it out. She discovered a different way to sell without a five-minute uncomfortable (for both her and the audience) section at the end of the talk. After this, her family’s life changed in a big way, very quickly, forever! She discovered how to sell from the heart. When you are who you are, up on stage, it’s the ultimate freedom and your audience will feel it too and love you for it!

I have heard that selling is simply uncovering the value of what you have to offer so well that people want to exchange the cash in their pocket to get it!

How to sell from the heart

#1 Focus on the feeling of knowing how your client’s life will be better as a result of your services and products. Think back to one client you have helped in a major way. Close your eyes and FEEL it.

That feeling is why people do what they do, why they do business with you. The best thing you can do is help people feel hopeful, excited and passionate. You have the power to inspire people.

#2 Expand their vision of what is possible for them. Invite them to imagine how their life would be better once they have achieved the transformation you’re inviting them to live.

#3 Invite them constantly. All the way through the talk. Not just at the end. Keep on inviting them from the heart, and sharing value. You’ll attract your ideal client.

#4 Deliver the solution to the problem… twice! During the talk, give them the solution to the problem they came to you with. Now, what is the remaining problem that could not be addressed in 60-90 minutes? Your program is the solution to that. The gold is in finding out what to offer, what to invite them to come and do with you. To discover it, talk with your clients and ask about other problems. Dig deep and you will find the easiest way to serve and prosper.

Don’t make this mistake

A mistake speakers make is sharing too little. You cannot share too much. Do it and do it freely. Don’t hold back. They will feel if you’re holding back and they won’t like it. They want to hear your story and learn from you. They want to know about you and how you can help them. Don’t worry about giving away your information – thinking that people won’t work with you because you’ve already given them your best stuff. It’s not true. Give your all.

Even if you tell people what to do and how to do it, there will be people who want you to help them do it or do it for them. And by showing them what you know, you earn their trust and respect and they are more likely to hire you to help them because they see that you really can help them!

Here’s an analogy from online marketing. Eben Pagan said that to make a sales page very effective, you give away your best information on it for free! (He created Double Your Dating and was very successful with it. If you go to that site, you’ll see how he tells a personal story that touches a nerve with men who want better dating success. He has since build multiple multi-million dollar businesses.) You push the free line. There’s a saying that if you give away 90% of what you know, people will pay you for that last 10%!

Show up as who you are. Tell your story and share your message that matters. This is the most freeing thing for your audience to feel! And only 1% of speakers do this. This is a HUGE opportunity for you.

Once you have mastered deeply connecting with your audience, your fears about public speaking will disappear! Can you imagine how you’ll feel then?

If you’re a great speaker and you sell from the heart, you can make a real difference… raise funds… literally save people’s lives by helping them get life-saving treatments they could not afford otherwise.

Speaking can deliver amazing results if you do it well.

If you want to increase your income, I recommend you get on Karen’s newsletter (Click on the video series on the right side, then enter your info), Like her page on Facebook and ask her how she can help you.

One of the people who attended her Rock the Stage workshops was a man who had given over 5,000 talks already. He was a master already, wasn’t he? “Why was he coming to my workshop?” Karen wondered, “What am I going to be able to teach HIM?” The answer is that he was winging it. He was missing a piece, just as she was when she didn’t know how to sell. His results increased after participating in her public speaking workshop.

Here’s the foundation to a successful talk: Educate, Inspire and Sell. You must do all three. Help your audience understand their need to transform their lives. Tell them what you are passionate about and how you help transform people’s lives. Invite them to work / play with you.

If you feel called to, please leave a comment so that you can network and connect with the others in my tribe. Here is my question for you…

What is your story that you can tell that will really make people feel you? (Really briefly.) I’ll share mine first..

“I used to be scared to talk to girls. I wasn’t confident in myself. It affected my social life and I felt isolated, weak and alone. I decided to figure out how to talk to people and build better relationships. Through my experiments and studies, I learned how to connect with people and move forward in relationships in life and in business. This lead me to do what I do now, which is connect people with a better life and help luminaries collaborate with each other and change more lives. Now I attract new connections every day wherever I go. I don’t chase people anymore. People come to me. People get referred to me too, which is really awesome.”

Here’s how to come up with your little story. What has happened to you in your life that has been a challenge… that lead you to do what you’re doing now? How did you go through your struggle and achieve a better life?

Please leave a comment if you feel called to, and let’s do some heart-centred networking, right here, right now…

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