A Few Resources For Truly Visionary Entrepreneurs

Earlier today I talked with an ambitious young lady who helps men dress like gentlemen. She is the best at what she does here in Vancouver. She is planning to launch her own personal brand, put herself out there and achieve the ever-larger goals she imagines for herself.

She told me about one of her challenges. She would talk about what she’s doing with such passion and then people would act kind of lame to her. I told her that if she’s the smartest one in her group, she needs a new group. She wanted to be around more passionate ambitious entrepreneurs who ‘get it’ like she does and I do. So I thought of some people to introduce her to.

You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. That’s why I’m attending some of the top Marketing and Internet Marketing conferences in the world this year. I can help anyone generate greater results with their website. I know that’s a bold claim, but I am a bold guy.

We also talked about personal development and shared some resources with each other. Here are some of the ones I’m sharing with her, that I thought were relevant to her current situation. You might benefit from these training videos as well.

We both tend to listen to audio books or programs because there’s no time for reading, but there’s time for listening while travelling around the city, and also during exercise, in my case.

I’ve been listening to this every day, and it’s the reason Bobbie wanted to meet with me today. The content I was posting on Facebook (examples here) about Greatness intrigued her to the point where she had to meet me for coffee to learn more about what I do…
Les Brown – Step Into Your Greatness (Live Seminar)

Robin Sharma is one of the world’s most trusted
leadership advisors.

This video shares some very powerful information
that I believe will help you achieve your largest
goals in a spectacular way…

The 6 Quiet Rituals of Enormously Successful Humans

I explained to Bobbie the importance of setting Mastery goals instead of Ego goals. This is the first tip Robin shares… and he does so while walking on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in the Seychelles.

Sunset from Coal Harbour This Evening

Sunset from Coal Harbour This Evening

Vancouver Visionaries

If you want to be around the brightest business minds in Vancouver, this is the place to be!

The first business luncheon was a sold out success at the prestigious Vancouver Club on May 15.

We were excited to present Markus Frind, CEO of Plentyoffish Media, with our first Vancouver Visionaries award. Markus delivered a fantastic Q&A style keynote and our guests, including my new friend Bobbie Long, were thrilled with the event.

The next luncheon is on July 24th, when we will honour the CEOs of Payfirma and Unbounce. If you’d like a special offer on your ticket to the event, send me a message through my contact page.

Visit our website for more information and to learn about our upcoming world-class Marketing Visionaries event.

Jeff Walker is the authority on Launches of
Products and Businesses. He is famous for creating
the Product Launch Formula. His students have done
over $500M in sales. His last launch did $1M in sales in
the first hour. He has now written the book “Launch,”
which I will devour as soon as it is delivered. He has just
completed the launch of Product Launch Formula 4.0.
You’re going to want to listen to him talk about the
“Seed Launch,” at a minimum.

The first video takes you deep inside the Sideways
Sales Letter, which is the core strategy behind
my Product Launch Formula. And this might be
hard to believe, but this one strategy has
generated hundreds of millions of dollars in
launch sales.


The really cool thing about the Sideways Sales
Letter is that you can deliver huge value in your
launch and still sell like crazy – and do it all
without resorting to slimy tactics.

The second training video covers a lot of ground,
including the “Seed Launch” (which is perfect if
you don’t have a list or a product).


I also cover the super-powerful (but often missed)
“Launch Stacking” strategy (which is how I went from
being a stay-at-home dad with zero income to
having my own multi-million dollar business).

And don’t miss two of the most powerful types of
launches – the Internal Launch and the JV Launch.

I have released the Product Launch Blueprint for
you… go get it here now:


This 22-page PDF + full-length training video
basically lays out the ENTIRE launch strategy for
you and it’s full of meaty content.

No fluff here, it’s pure content. And it’s got all kinds
of cool secret stuff…

Be sure to watch the training video while you’re
going through the Blueprint.

Jeff’s videos will not be online for long. Watch them
while you can.

How to Sell High Ticket Products

Would you like to learn how to sell high ticket products (like our Marketing Visionaries events) on the Internet?

Armand Morin, a mighty successful Business Coach is holding a FREE TRAINING WebCamp  on June 21st, 22nd & 23rd to show us how.

In his laziness, he learned to do one thing really well, and that is sell on the first impression!

What if you could shoot a 15 minute video and make 5-10 sales of a $1000 product? Can you imagine what your life will be like when you can easily generate that kind of income at will?

Register Now: http://webcamp.cc

It’s absolutely free to attend some or all of the 3 Day Event. Watch from your own PC, laptop or handheld. Join us!

Register Here: http://webcamp.cc

Here’s the full program:

Day One
Sell More Product Work Less
Hidden Sales Psychology
The First Hit Wonder
Finding a High End Product
Creating a High End Product
Package Examples
Bundling For Profits

Day Two
Your Killer Presentation
Real Presentation Analysis
Behind The Scenes
The SECRET Close
8 High End Closes
The Symphony Method
Closing Strategy

Day Three
Video Marketing Strategy
Marketing Outline
Secret Followup Method
Free Traffic Technique
The Helping Hand Strategy
$100k Selling System
Sell Without Selling

Register Here Now: http://webcamp.cc

Make the most of it – register free today! Let’s learn together.

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