Build Your Platform Relentlessly, Like Steve Jobs

Me interviewing Captian Lou about the JVZoo Cruise (formerly the Marketers Cruise)

I was reading the biography of Steve Jobs earlier today and this part inspired me… I think it will inspire you too!

May you make next level connections and build your platform relentlessly and with passion!

MP3 download link: (Right click, save as…)

Relentless Platform Building

If you want to dig deeper into this stuff, check out High Vibrational Connecting – the core training is my gift to you.

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Content Marketing (link coming soon)

About Bevan Bird

Bevan Bird is The Soul 2 Soul Connector. He believes that together we are God's hands and hearts on Earth creating the best world possible for everyone! We are Connecting and Collaborating for the full realization of Heaven on Earth now. He makes the best connections and introductions possible, with heart and discernment. That's why successful spirit-led entrepreneurs, publishers, influencers, speakers, trainers, healers, intuitives, coaches, teachers and authors in the fields of spirituality, human potential, new thought and self-help hire him to help them make a Massive Inspirational Impact faster.
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