How do I create content without being robotic and unemotional?

Mike FilsaimeDo you struggle to create engaging content with an intense personal connection?

Do you want to build your platform and make next level connections that will take your business and life to a higher level?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Two days ago I spoke with my mastermind partner Eve Gersich (she helps you profit from what you already know) and answered her questions about practical connecting for business-building.

I’m ready to share the first 44 minutes of our call with you now.

Download  link: (Right click, save as…)

Eve Gersich June 23, 2015 Q&A part 1 – How to become a natural valuable content creator and connector

Here’s some of what we covered…

The first question she asked me when we first connected in the mastermind group (by the way, one of the best ways to find collaboration or joint venture partners) was: “How do I not be robotic? I just didn’t feel natural with creating content.

She told me that our conversation was life changing.

“Through speaking with you and hearing about your journey and the sources that have helped you, it has inspired me. And I think it just took that little nudge from you and Sean and the mastermind group… You guys gave me that push and now I’m ready to go conquer the world.”

I went over a summary what I had shared with her in our previous interactions for your benefit.

At 10:45 she asked me, “Content creation is not my best skill. How do I quickly acquire this skill? Creating content in the context of expert positioning.

At 16:27 we address perfectionism and the need for practice in content creation.

at 24:00 we talk about getting your social network started, getting the initial traction and connecting with people. Eve asked, “How can I build my online audience with social media?

How can I get the initial traction? 

How can I start the relationship with strangers and get their attention so that I can share content with them?

At 35:53 I asked her what was most valuable out of that segment, for her personally? She told me, “I think becoming a valuable resource is my favourite tip and it’s the most relevant one.

At 39:20 I talked about the best places to interact online.

At the end of this recording she asked me, “What is High Vibrational Connecting?” and we will get to that another day. This is all I had time for today, and now I’m preparing for an awakening telesummit (group collaboration /  joint venture) I’ll be speaking at.

If you want to hear the rest of the conversation, join our tribe at High Vibrational Connecting and I will send you an email when it’s ready to go!

To your success!


About Bevan Bird

Bevan Bird is The Soul 2 Soul Connector. He believes that together we are God's hands and hearts on Earth creating the best world possible for everyone! We are Connecting and Collaborating for the full realization of Heaven on Earth now. He makes the best connections and introductions possible, with heart and discernment. That's why successful spirit-led entrepreneurs, publishers, influencers, speakers, trainers, healers, intuitives, coaches, teachers and authors in the fields of spirituality, human potential, new thought and self-help hire him to help them make a Massive Inspirational Impact faster.
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