How To Create Content That Changes More Lives And Feels Personal

Do you ever find it difficult to create content for your blog, newsletter, articles, videos or audios?

The article started as a personal letter to a friend and client

The article started as a personal letter to a friend and client

Perhaps you already know some topics you want to talk about or teach on (and if you don’t, don’t worry – I have solutions for you), but you have a hard time getting started writing or speaking about those topics in a way that’s authoritative and personal and that will feel personal to the reader or listener.

Perhaps when you create content it feels robotic, impersonal. And you know it has to be interesting and make an intense personal connection – and emotional connection – with the reader, otherwise they will lose interest. It has to be engaging and captivating… yet you struggle to make this happen.

I suspect you have no problem communicating one-on-one with someone you care about, such as a friend on client… and you have no problem pouring your heart out to them, giving them your best advice, encouragement or motivation and your natural passion and excitement comes across loud and clear.

Is that true?

If it is, the solution is simple: choose one person you know you can help and write or speak to them. If you’re writing, write as you speak, as I am doing now. I’ll help you with this more in a moment…

If it’s not true, you may need to learn how to be more empathetic (feeling the feelings of others and caring about them.) You can read some communicating with your spouse (happy marriage) books.

I’ll continue with the solution now.

Ask yourself… Who do I most want to help today, right now? Which single person’s life do I want to change? Listen to your heart for the answer.

What is the message that is on my heart to give to this person? How can I help them? How do I want to help them? What is the message that’s been put on my heart to share?

Perhaps your content has been robotic in the past because you’ve gone to the compute and tried to write (or gone to your voice recorder – I record myself often and use an app on my iPhone – and tried to speak… or gone to your camera and tried to record yourself…) …

But it felt awkward and the personal connection just wasn’t very good.

This is a problem because if your content isn’t interesting, engaging, exciting and captivating, people won’t consume it – and their lives won’t be changed for the better. Their lives will be less enriched than they could have been.

Here’s what I suggest you do…

You have to take your focus off the technology and focus on the person!

Actually communicate with the one person you’ve thought of – a person you care about and have a message for.

You can do this in person, on the phone, over Skype, by email or Facebook chat… or a hand written letter. Whatever feels natural to you.

If you meet them in person or talk on the phone or Skype, it would be beneficial to record the conversation… you have to ask their permission first to do that… you can say you’d like to record it because the information you share will be valuable (helpful) to them and you might want to re-use it to help other people too, maybe in written form. Also, if there is a recording, you’ll share it with them and they’ll have something they can go back and listen to again to get more out of it. They can literally get better results with whatever you help them with by referring back to the recording and learning deeper. In the future, if you want to share the recording with others – and change more lives – ask them for permission to do so first.

For me, there’s something about putting pen to paper that is more natural and personal than typing on a laptop. Computers are great, but they can be impersonal and very distracting. Creating engaging content (as I hope this is!) takes focus.

That’s why I suggest you get away from your computer (and smartphone) and write to the person you want to help on paper.

The most important first step is to picture them in your mind. You can do this with your imagination or by looking at a photo of them.

You have to engage emotionally. Communicating meaningfully – doing something that matters – takes emotional labour.

You have to dig into your passion for changing this person’s life!

Follow your excitement!

Gush! Hold nothing back! Pour your heart out!

Focus on changing this person’s life for the better!

Persuade them to change their life. Believe in the power of the written word.

Write as if you’re writing a letter, just to them.

Write as if what you’re writing is the most important thing in the world. (While you’re writing it, it is!)

Start out…

Dear (whatever their name is),

and then change their life!

Write as if you’re speaking with them, having a conversation with them. As if you’re having coffee with your friend on a Sunday morning and you have all the time in the world. You’re relaxed, you’re calm. You’re patient. You CARE.

Good job.

Now I’ll talk about recording yourself.

Everything I’ve already said applies, but I have a few more thoughts to share…

Remember… forget about the technology and focus on the person… and on changing their life. Tap into your passion.

See their face in your mind… pretend they are there with you or you’re talking with them over the phone.

Fill your heart with love. Smile. See them in a white room with lots of light and they are happy, happy, happy!

Get your first thought or two clear in your mind (or prepare some brief point form notes.)

Hit record and address them without saying their name aloud (so that the recording will connect personally with everyone that listens.)

Really care about them and share what’s on your heart to share.

Once you communicate with that one person, you want to re-use the content and send it out one-to-many so more lives change be changed for the better.

If you wrote your friend an email, copy and paste it into an email to all your subscribers and change their name to the first name tag your autoresponder uses.

The email has to feel personal, otherwise there’s no point in sending it. It has to feel like it was sent to whoever reads it. You accomplish this by writing to ONE person.

While we’re on email, I’ll say that a great way to do what we’re talking about is to answer a subscriber’s (or client’s) question. (If they aren’t asking you questions, I’ll show you how to get them to ask you great questions in another article. Basically, make sure you are sharing your best, most helpful information with them regularly and you can send out an “I need your help” email.)

It’s all about meeting people’s needs. Solving people’s problems. As you’ve seen me do in this article. (Which I wrote as a letter, on paper, to a particular friend who told me I read her mind and what I’d sent to her was perfect, just what she needed. (It was an 8 minute audio recording I created about tapping into your passion and getting into your creative vortex – so you can create valuable content that engages with an intense personal and emotional connection… so you can change more lives!)  So you can see why I wrote this to her – to help her more… to really help her succeed with her content creation… so that she can help more people, attract the right clients and live a better life.)

If you wrote a letter on paper by hand, the next step is to type it in or have someone else type it in. If you write neatly (I don’t) you could scan or take photos of your pages and post those on your blog, as the article, for a personal touch – and it saves time too! Typing it makes it easier to read and allows more people to discover it, enjoy it and benefit.

Whatever method you used to record your thoughts, make sure you get the content online and send it to all your subscribers and share it with your social networks.

If you do this every day, you will build a platform and you’ll be able to change many more lives!

By the way, if you want more help connecting with people heart-to-heart (in any medium), I recommend you check out my High Vibrational Connecting Training Program.

I hope this has been helpful for you.

I challenge you to use this – really apply what you’ve learned today. This will change your life.

Thanks for reading.

God bless. Namaste. Peace be with you.


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