Build Your Tribe by Writing Articles for Your Ideal Audience

Articles are one of the very best ways to generate new subscribers that will spend the most with you, as compared to subscribers generated by other methods.

However, you must write on topics that your buyers will find valuable. You can do this by solving problems that your prospects and clients have. Your email outbox is a potential goldmine for article topic ideas.

There are specific concepts that you can write on that only prospects who are highly targeted for what you offer will be interested in. By writing only on these specific topics, you will get less overall views, but you will attract highly targeted individuals who are the most likely to become customers and clients.

An authoritative explanation of long tail keywords can be found at the link below.

Here are some examples of article titles which are basically long tail keywords or concepts which I might write on, given my expertise:

1. How to make new connections by interacting strategically in Facebook groups
2. How to build your network by interacting strategically on Facebook
3. How to build your tribe by posting in targeted Facebook groups
4. How to find places online where your ideal prospective clients are hanging out
5. How to attract your tribe on Facebook
6. How to attract your soul tribe by using Facebook groups
7. How to engage your tribe on Facebook
8. How to engage your tribe on Facebook with written information
9. How to engage your tribe on Facebook with images
10. How to engage your tribe on Facebook with images and text
11. How to start conversations with your prospects on Facebook
12. How to find your target market on Facebook
13. How to connect with your target market on Facebook
14. How to engage your target market on Facebook
15. How to initiate conversations with your tribe on Facebook
16. How to find out what your target market wants to learn
17. How to create introductory information products that meet the needs of your tribe
18. How to create introductory information products that your tribe will want to buy
19. How to attract new prospects on Facebook and quickly inspire them to talk on the phone with you

There are many other possibilities of what I could teach. These topics cover a small percentage of the total topics I could write on. I just wanted to show you these to demonstrate what the long tail is, so you can create your own list of highly targeted long tail key phrases or concepts to write about. Also, this was a valuable exercise for me to do, as this information is highly reusable for me.

Here is that resource I mentioned:

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