How To Shine Your Light Today And Impact 100 Lives

There is something special inside you. You can be great!

You can be phenomenal!

The inner connection with the Divine is your most precious gift and gives you unlimited power.

You have the ability to write or speak words that bring a feeling and an experience to people.

For example, people have told me they felt great peace when they read just a few of my words.

There’s an energy you are always transmitting. It is your unique signature vibration.

You were born unique. Don’t die a copy!

I want you to share the message that’s inside you that can make a real difference in other people’s lives. And I want to do it today!

Three days ago, I shot a video on my phone after walking in nature (which has a perfect vibration, you’ll remember) and posted it on Facebook right away. I then shared it into 30 groups. It’s now been seen by 318 people:

Shine your light today!

My daily message yesterday was the daily email recorded into a video, which I uploaded to YouTube, as I am starting to build my online presence by teaching one short simple lesson that can change people’s lives every day, just as you can. I uploaded it to Facebook at 11:24 am and shared it into 20 groups. It has now been seen by 183 people:

How to Get To Know Yourself – Get Into Nature

While I was walking on the mountain and listening to some great podcasts, I was inspired and shot another video. This one was longer (more than 7 minutes) and I taught in it how you can start impacting 100 people’s lives every day, starting today, in just minutes per day, by creating and sharing videos that share your personal soul message. I shared it into 6 groups, which took 5 minutes, and it’s been seen by 50 people so far:

You can do this too! Start sharing your message today!

The world needs to experience your joy and your light!

To your best life!


About Bevan Bird

You too can Become An Office Superhero, by bringing me into your organization, like my friend Steve did! I am on a mission to help as many people as possible to Position themselves on Purpose, so they use their greatest gift, their genius superpower, and be rewarded justly for this. I believe that together we can create Heaven on Earth and everyone can have Abundance! I am a Custom Software Developer and a Certified Joint Venture Specialist. I've been professionally producing software that gives my clients a Competitive Advantage since 2013. The greatest Leverage is bringing the right people together to Collaborate, and this is what I do, while I travel the world... sharing highlights from my journey to Inspire my friends. Connect with me on LinkedIn.
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