Evolution of a Path of Purpose – Track 7 (Audio Book Spoken On-The-Fly)

Do you lack meaning in your life and want to get back to a feeling of living on purpose?

Do you want to come alive again, re-engage with life and be excited about your future?

You’re very blessed because today I am releasing to you this amazing new program…

Here is the seventh track of my brand new Evolution of a Path of Purpose program. You can now listen to my stories and hear wisdom that can help you avoid common pitfalls.

I’ve been realigning with my Soul’s purpose and reinventing myself accordingly since 2010, when I decided that I wanted to Inspire People.

Track 7:


The program has a total of 10 tracks, which you can listen to for 8 hours and 9 minutes.

Please feel free to send back any honest feedback or questions you have. I am here to serve for the greatest good of as many people as possible.

Blessings of Creativity and Purpose!

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Bevan Bird
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Teacher, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Little Birdy

“Be Yourself, Do What You Love, and Get Paid For Being Who You Are.”

About the Live with Soul call

The Live with Soul weekly call is one of my gifts to humanity. It is designed to help you make the difference only you can make by being who you really are, leading a movement and (optionally) building a business so you can live your greatest, most inspired life!

Do you want to work with me personally? Get invited to participate in these Zoom calls by signing up for free at www.3PEarth.com

You’ll also get invited to take part or simply listen in on the calls each Wednesday, and get the recordings sent to your inbox. And you’ll receive other trainings and gifts to help you live your most inspired life.

About Bevan Bird

Bevan Bird is The Soul 2 Soul Connector. He's creating a free, abundant and united world where everyone does what they love. By naturally and intuitively speaking and writing, he inspires and encourages people to become intimate with the infinite, take back their freedom, be their true soul self, do what they love and live their dreams. His mission is to help humanitarians connect and collaborate with others on a soul level to make the impact of their cause happen faster. You can learn more at Soul2SoulConnector.com
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