How To Build A World-Class Brand From Scratch [Mini Course]

A client of mine asked me to teach them how to build their brand.

Here’s a crash course.

I believe that we are valuable because we exist. We are worthy of being who we are as fully as we possibly can be.

We are valuable because of who we are. Our uniqueness makes us even more valuable.

You are needed.

Value yourself more.

You are worthy.

“You have something special. There is greatness within you.” – Les Brown

Value You.


* Where does your heart ache? As Ghandi said, that is where your service lies.

What do you stand for?

What are you about?

* What are your highest core values?

* Watch this video for 25 seconds. Andrew Mason of Groupon defines core values. Take notes.

“We had succeeded by holding on to our ideals. Nothing could be better than that.” – Ed Catmull, in Creativity Inc., after reaching his personal 20 year goal to produce a full length fully computer-animated feature film! (Toy Story by Pixar)

“Marketing is about Values.” – Steve Jobs

* Watch this video and take notes:

* What are your highest core values?

* What do you love to do?

“Find something you LOVE to do, Be Great at it and Sell it.” – Mark Cuban, Billionaire, Broadcast dot com, Cyber Dust

* Apply the Velocity Factor to position yourself as the solution to an urgent, expensive, common and evergreen problem.

Solve a problem that sells. It’s urgent, expensive, common and evergreen.

“You will be paid for your position in the marketplace.” – Frank Kern

The Velocity Factor: 3 Little Known Magical Secrets To Magnetize Your Tribe, Stop Selling and Have $100K Days with Eli Davidson | Morgana Radio

I am sending you 3 links to show you more about Eli Davidson’s concept, including her Animal Communicator example.

“My clients become: THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN” – Eli Davidson

Generally, Val Heart, was an animal communicator. Her current website:

With Eli’s help, they positioned her as the solution to an expensive, urgent and common problem: The Underperforming Show Horse Expert.

* Make a list of prospects, using LinkedIn

* Listen to this and apply it by reaching out to them in an effective way:

For more support on this, join this group on Facebook:

* Listen to this and apply it.

If you have a true direct marketing business, then branding should be done only as a side effect to the direct marketing that you do. “Only no-cost brand building” is one of Dan Kennedy’s 10 No B.S. rules.

* If you’re still interested in branding, follow my friend Michelle Van Otten

* Other branding examples:

Eli Davidson, the Reinvention Expert

Sohail Khan, the Joint Venture Expert

Doreen Virtue, the Angel Therapy Expert

Deborah Skye King, World’s Leading Authority on Soul Therapy

Alicia Power, the Spiritual Teacher

Marisa Peer, the Worthiness Expert

Val Heart, The Underperforming Show Horse Expert

Joel Comm, Does Good Stuff

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist, creator of the largest hypnosis library online

Vishen Lakhiani, creator of the largest online mediation school

Larry Benet, the Connector

Jay Abraham, the Genius Marketing Strategist

John Maxwell, the Leadership Guru

Bob Burg, the Referral Marketing Expert

Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, helping inexperienced sales people become top producers

Mark Victor Hansen, Master Motivator

Angel Hill, a Small Girl Making a BIG Difference Helping YOU Monetize What You LOVE Online, “Rockstar!”- Kajabi

Brene Brown, the Shame Transmutation Expert

Megan Macedo, the Authentic Marketing Expert

* Going beyond… This is enlightening. I recommend watching it.

50 Entrepreneurs share priceless advice

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You too can Become An Office Superhero, by bringing me into your organization, like my friend Steve did! I am on a mission to help as many people as possible to Position themselves on Purpose, so they use their greatest gift, their genius superpower, and be rewarded justly for this. I believe that together we can create Heaven on Earth and everyone can have Abundance! I am a Custom Software Developer and a Certified Joint Venture Specialist. I've been professionally producing software that gives my clients a Competitive Advantage since 2013. The greatest Leverage is bringing the right people together to Collaborate, and this is what I do, while I travel the world... sharing highlights from my journey to Inspire my friends. Connect with me on LinkedIn.
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