The True Purpose of The Internet

Good morning! Here are my morning messages for you…
From yesterday
I love hearing sucess stories, how about you?
We succeeded by holding onto our ideals. Nothing could be better than that!Earlier in the evening, in this track, I summarize what happened yesterday and at 4:50, I begin to discuss the purpose of the internet (and how to use it for fun and profit.) The purpose is to facilitate collaboration that propels humanity forward or helps us evolve to our next highest evolution – we are tending back to our true selves – LOVE.

Then I dig more into the purpose of the internet and HOW BEST TO USE IT

And after that, I said I would relax and put my feet up – I’m currently reading Creativity, Inc (about Pixar and what we can learn from their challenges, achievements and how they made great things happen) – in fact, I’m listening to it on Audible. I quite like it!

Then, of course I slept, and in the morning, the first two new tracks I recorded, I have already shared with you at the beginning of this email.

Back to the present moment. I am up early again today and will head up to the summit of the pacific ocean side of the rim of the volcanic crater near here.
Make it an awe-inspiring day!
Bevan Bird
Inspiring Soul-Aligned Business and Life

About Bevan Bird

Bevan Bird is The Soul 2 Soul Connector. He believes that together we are God's hands and hearts on Earth creating the best world possible for everyone! We are Connecting and Collaborating for the full realization of Heaven on Earth now. He makes the best connections and introductions possible, with heart and discernment. That's why successful spirit-led entrepreneurs, publishers, influencers, speakers, trainers, healers, intuitives, coaches, teachers and authors in the fields of spirituality, human potential, new thought and self-help hire him to help them make a Massive Inspirational Impact faster.
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