Your own secrets of the universe await you within your own heart…

I am about to open a coconut in my backyard and then swim at the beach.










Click this next image below to see the video of me opening a coconut:









New training from this morning…

If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration. This is what I talked about in the fifth audio track recorded this morning:

Here is irrefutable proof that when you align your thoughts with an idea and then you act on that inspired idea, you start to move in a direction of your excitement and you discover yourself and the world to be a more magical place and you’ve ever imagined it to be! (“T.6″ – 1 hour)

Okay, now that you got the deepest training of the day so far… let’s go chrono, shall we?

The first was this:

The people who are attracted to you and who you bring together in your community, can help each other! It’s inspiring to see this happening! (6 min)

And then:

T.3 was what I first recorded in the morning as soon as I got up and immediately after thinking about proclaiming my 3 part focusing statements – each time after, we take an action on our mission, well, I just took the action, which was recording T.3. In this track (T.4) I discuss this. (3 min)

Following your inspiration and excitement, creating content on the fly, and helping more people. Rapid Inspired Tribe Building and opening up opportunities for strategic alliances. (45 min)

Evolution of a Path of Purpose

Here’s Track 8.

Vision Training

How to Craft Your Powerful Vision Statement For This Year and Focus On Implementing it Daily

And, by the way,  Purpose is here.

To your aligned and massive success,


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You too can Become An Office Superhero, by bringing me into your organization, like my friend Steve did! I am on a mission to help as many people as possible to Position themselves on Purpose, so they use their greatest gift, their genius superpower, and be rewarded justly for this. I believe that together we can create Heaven on Earth and everyone can have Abundance! I am a Custom Software Developer and a Certified Joint Venture Specialist. I've been professionally producing software that gives my clients a Competitive Advantage since 2013. The greatest Leverage is bringing the right people together to Collaborate, and this is what I do, while I travel the world... sharing highlights from my journey to Inspire my friends. Connect with me on LinkedIn.
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