The Vital Skills And Habits Of A Successful Online Teaching Entrepreneur

This is a rather long article today, I will admit.


Please read it through and its entirety if you’ve been struggling to build your online training business because I believe it’s going to give you a mindset shift that is going to really help you over the next week and coming months and years! Read this document through in its entirety and you will have an incredible mindset shift and your life will never be the same!


There are several vital skills to building your online training business.


Copywriting which is used in driving traffic and writing emails and writing the sales letters. This gets people on your list, gets them clicking, gets people reading emails and gets them clicking from the emails and this gets onto a sales letter which when they read it, a percentage of those people the right ones that made the decision that was right for them buy it, right? So that’s all copywriting and persuasive writing.


Teaching is also extremely important because that one hour that you teach every week (or more than an hour) — that is the most important time of the week and it’s where you change lives, so you have to be able to teach the special thing that you have that changes peoples lives. Also, remember, anyone can teach.


A positive, healthy relationship with the Divine is also vital and it is the first building block of success and any noteworthy achievement — this is where it all begins! Connect with the infinite. Sit in the silence, think about how the mind works and be in tune with the infinite! Would you like to learn more about Infinite Intelligence? If so, hit reply and let me know!


Have a personal relationship with God and nurture it daily — this is the basis of all of our success… mine and Sean Mize and Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Edison and Emerson and Napoleon Hill.


Your relationship with the Divine is important for a lot of reasons. One of them is that if you have a great relationship, you will be building the business that is right for you and right for the world. Another one is of course that then you will be in harmony with nature and you can be a unstoppable force for good you know like they say “once you know your purpose it will free you to grow” and “once you’re operating your purpose it will be as if you cannot fail!”


There is no one better to teach the principles of success and personal achievement than Andrew Carnegie. Based upon our personal relationship with the Divine, we then choose a definite major purpose and in so doing we also, at the same time, take full possession and control of our own mind. And the mind can bring us anything that we want but we must take control of it. We must release negativity and limited thinking and beliefs and above all release all fears. Fear is the enemy of humanity and of all achievement.


I would also remind you at this point to return to the awesome wisdom and manifesting power of your heart! This is where we find out what our definite major purpose is. We connect with our passion and our purpose from within and what we most desire from our heart is what we want to create. The exact wording of our definite major purpose comes after clearly knowing what we want.
You see, we in western society place too much emphasis on intellect. What about imagination? It’s more important than knowledge, is it not?
If all we do is think, we miss out on deep heart-felt FEELING. And it’s FEELING which is most important. The heart is 5000X more powerful at manifesting than the mind is. It is the FEELING we have in our body that communicates with the quantum field.
A balanced being uses well all the assets at its disposal: the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, the heart, and the gut.

What is your heart based desire?


Daily action towards your definite major purpose is the beginning of the formation and maintenance of a positive mental attitude, which is also vital to your success!
Inspired action takes less effort and produces magnificent results!
Here are a couple of tips for being guided by the Divine daily:
Oh Divine Providence, what kind of business do you want me to operate?
God, what do you want help with?
God, what do you want me to share with your people today?

And any other questions you are inspired to ask.


Prepare yourself to receive Divine wisdom and act upon the wisdom, insights and ideas you receive.


Oh Divine Providence, I ask not for more riches but for more wisdom, with which to accept and make wiser use of the riches I received at birth in the form of the power to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I desire.


Enthusiasm is extremely important. Enthusiasm means the God within. So we’ve already described how to build a relationship with the Divine — but if you want more information about that, hit reply and we’ll go deeper into that.


The ability to arouse enthusiasm in your fellow man is incredibly valuable and is also important. Nothing great was ever accomplished or created without enthusiasm.


Copywriting is salesmanship in print. Selling is service. Selling is helping people get what they want. The formula to sell anything to anybody is to 1. find out what they want and then 2. to help them get it.


Copywriting is salesmanship in print. The cool thing is that it scales.


Look at John. John is great at copywriting. John now makes millions of dollars. Be like John. Learn copywriting.


But learning is not enough. We must do. We must apply. We are rewarded for what we do every day, not for what we do once in a while.


Write persuasive copy every single day and your life will change. (If you’re curious about how I wrote this email today, you’re in luck because I will reveal that to you. I dictated it using Dragon Dictation on my iPhone, a splendid app from a stand-up company! After taking a short break and writing a short email to all my subscribers sharing a video from yesterday of a consultation so that they could benefit from it as well, I then began the laborious task editing this long document which Word told me contained 2,580 words. It’s longer now, as I have added a little bit more, something special, you might say.)


Persuasion. Persuasive writing is useful in every single part of the business. It is even useful in your training when you persuade people to take action, right? So persuasion is actually well used everywhere through it  your business… you persuade people to come to your website effectively, you persuade people to open your emails, you persuade people to read the emails, you persuade them to click the links in emails, when they click to check out your salespage you persuade them to read the words, to read the first sentence,  the second sentence and all the way through, you persuade them to click the link and purchase from you. When they listen to the training, you persuade them that it’s worth their time to listen to the training not to just buy it and allow to it collect cyber dust wink wink Mark Cuban although cyber dust does not mean dust collecting on digital product boxes it means a private secure way to communicate with people that does not get backed up on a server so that we can be frank and not worry about other people spying on the conversation but let’s continue…


So persuasion is useful in every part of your business. As I was saying, you persuade people through your copy and also at the beginning of the training you would be wise to persuade them that it is worthwhile to listen to the training so that they will change their life in the way that they want to because you created it for them to meet a specific need, to solve a problem, to help them get from where they are to where they want to be.


When they’re listening to the training and you’ve taught them how to do it, you also persuade them to actually do it too. You inspire them that it is possible for them, you share your story, you tell them how to do it and you also encourage them to do it and you persuade them to take action.


And if they don’t take action then they don’t get results and if that’s the case, there’s no value to your training but if they do take action and get results then your training has value and so then it validates the entire business.


This is why persuasion is so important. Without persuasion, we have no traffic, no people reading our emails, no one clicking links in emails, no one reading sales letters, no one buying products, nobody listening to our training, nobody learning from our training and nobody taking action on our training and getting results, okay? So we need to have persuasion; it’s very important.


I’m reading a book called Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion by Napoleon Hill. It’s known as the greatest guide to wealth and happiness ever written. I’m very grateful to have got my hands on this book!


As we talked about persuasion we must also mention influence because you have to know how to influence people. There’s a great book on this: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and another one is Influence the Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini.


AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


The only way get someone to do something is to get them to want to do it. They have to decide within themselves that they want it. They have to choose it for themselves.


A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.


We must respect others’ free will.


The ability to arouse in your fellow man an eager want is a very important skill. This is a skill which is part of persuasion. Now, one of the key things here is to get people to want something even more. What we want to do in order to do this is to talk about what they want in beautiful ways, paint pictures with our words. We paint beautiful visions with our words.


And this will arouse in people an eager want for that which they already want. We help them to see it in their own minds, thus pre-paving the way for it to come to them and attracting it to them. Their imagination is the preview of their life’s coming attractions and so we get them to see it first and believe it and also remember that they deserve it so that they can have it too. We help them move forward in life and this is what is done in a sales letter.


In most cases, that can be done anywhere because inside your training, we definitely want to help people actually change their life so if you do not use the skill of arousing in your fellow man an eager want in the training, then they may not even take action and so then they would also not get results. I hope this is getting through to you! This is very, very important. To arouse an eager want in your fellowman and to arouse enthusiasm!


This will inspire people!


To continue with the vital pieces of success whether it’s an online business or any venture, we’ve already said choose a definite major purpose and in so doing, also at the same time this causes you to take full possession and control of your own mind. And your mind is what brings you everything that you have in life. Many do not use their mind intelligently. And we’ve talked about connecting with infinite intelligence. This should be done every day. Be guided by infinite intelligence, okay?


The next step after choosing a definite purpose is to form a mastermind alliance. And the next step after that is to develop and maintain a pleasing personality. Because with a pleasing personality, you can negotiate in a pleasant way with your fellow man and you can have harmonious relationships, and this therefore will allow you to get everything that you want by working together in a spirit of harmony with your mastermind partners.


So we’ve got the first four step. (I’ve added an additional step Divine Connection before Andrew Carnegie‘s initial steps to success.)


The next step is to build and maintain a positive mental attitude. This begins with your chosen definite major purpose and taking action on that definite major purpose every day. Focus relentlessly without distraction on your definite major purpose. Cultivate a burning desire for your goal. Make it into an obsession by thinking about it constantly. And in positive terms only. Banish all negative thinking from the mind, all thoughts of failure, all thoughts of what you do not want, allow no fears and limitations to remain in the mind longer than a second, because the only limitations in life are those which we set up in our own minds.


I’ve now given you the first five steps to success. However, I felt compelled to share more thoughts with you this morning.


A vital part, as well, for success, is entrepreneurial thinking. Thinking in terms of building assets. The asset that you have is the relationship with your subscribers and your customers and clients. It’s a set of long-term relationships. This is where all of the great wealth building potential lies… within the relationships with your customers. And you can maximize lifetime customer value!


And to grow our business assets, we must first get more customers, increase the average order size, and increase the frequency of purchases! These are the three ways to grow a business. And they are multipliers. This is how you can grow a business many, many multiples of times. And how we can increase the lifetime customer value metric. An extremely important metric, indeed, for the higher it is, the easier it is to attract customers and to lead the entire industry of which we are a part.


How are we going to make your business customer focused? How are we going to attract them? How can we get their attention? How are we going to engage them in conversation? How are we going to find out their needs? How are we going to get them to make an initial purchase? Or to simply sample what we’ve got going on? How are we going to retain those customers? And how we going to add more value to them over time? And how do we maximize referrals, right? So these are ways to increase the lifetime customer value. Which is what you earn per customer on average.


Building assets. You’ve got to build the list. If you are not yet making a full-time income from your online teaching business, then 70-80% of your time should be spent on getting new subscribers, driving traffic, getting qualified prospects to your squeeze page where they opt-in and then everything else happens after that so it is the most important thing (aside from doing the training every week and changing lives) — this is the second most important thing but is the single most time-consuming thing that you should be doing in your business, spending 80% your time on list building.


You see teaching online is done one to many. If you only do one to one you’re struggling, you have to work really hard and lots of hours and you’re burning out and neither of us want that to happen, right?


So what do you want? Didn’t we get into this business to change lives and make a real impact, earn a much larger income and live an amazing lifestyle with lots of freedom to be with the people that we love?


Well exactly, that’s why we’re here right? So in order to do that we have to teach one to many. We have to use a group teaching / training / coaching / mentoring / whatever-you-want-to-call-it-ing model!


Our income grows in proportion to our contribution, our service.


Our income grows depending on the size of our group. Our income no longer depends on the number of hours that we work, but what it does depend upon is how much value we give to people and how many people we serve.


How well do we serve people and how many people do we serve?


In the five stratospheric laws of success the first one is give more value than you take in payment. And the second one is something about how your income potential depends on how many people you serve and how well you serve them, if I remember correctly, and these are the first couple of laws of stratospheric success — there’s five of them given in the business parable which is phenomenal called The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.


In our groups, we teach people. When we teach more people, our income grows. Work on growing your group every single week. And teach your group whatever it is that they’re looking to learn. “What do you want to learn?” is not the greatest question. “What do you want to buy?” is an even worse question because usually we get the answers that are diametrically opposed to what people actually want to buy. But “What are your three greatest challenges with doing _____________?”  the blank being whatever it is that you teach — this kind of question does help us find out exactly what people want to learn because whatever’s holding up their progress is what they will want to learn so that they can break through that and get the results they want!


Whatever is holding them back from taking action, taking the simple action steps that you teach, that is what they need to learn, and a teaching on that topic is something that they will buy if they told you they had that need.


Thanks for reading this article, I hope that it helps you.

To your massive success, aligned with who you really are,

Bevan Bird
Soul Purpose Business Mentor
Helping You Align Your Business to Your Soul’s Purpose

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    This is some great value for aspiring entrepreneurs, Good work!

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    Being A Successful Online Teaching Entrepreneur is not easy. You need to learn a lot of skills, not just learning but mastering it. Also you need to know a lot about tools that could help you in any task you have. For every tasks, you need to know a suitable tools for it. You need to know microsoft words, excel and other office application. When solving fractions you need to know and learn how to use mixed number calculator. When editing photos, you need to know photoshop or other photo editor. So to be successful is not really easy.

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