Your Definite Purpose And How To Focus with Gratitude and Action to Transform Your Life

Here is a new training for you, recorded on April 3, 2017! See below…

To create a world where work is joy and comes from love.

That’s my reason WHY.

It’s what drives me. It’s my vision, my mission and my passion.

A positive world where each person does what they love, they use their gifts, they appreciate their worth and they are valued fairly and celebrated for the unique, brilliant and beautiful being that they are!

Imagine that world with me for a moment…

What do you like best about it?

Here is your brand new training program, in three short segments:

Your Definite Purpose And How To Focus with Gratitude and Action to Transform Your Life!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

To your success,

Bevan Bird
Soul Purpose Business Mentor
Helping You Align Your Business to Your Soul’s Purpose

About Bevan Bird

You too can Become An Office Superhero, by bringing me into your organization, like my friend Steve did! I am on a mission to help as many people as possible to Position themselves on Purpose, so they use their greatest gift, their genius superpower, and be rewarded justly for this. I believe that together we can create Heaven on Earth and everyone can have Abundance! I am a Custom Software Developer and a Certified Joint Venture Specialist. I've been professionally producing software that gives my clients a Competitive Advantage since 2013. The greatest Leverage is bringing the right people together to Collaborate, and this is what I do, while I travel the world... sharing highlights from my journey to Inspire my friends. Connect with me on LinkedIn.
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