Daily Reminders for Worthiness Inspired By Bashar

Many people around the world feel unworthy or not good enough and this is causing much unnecessary suffering. That’s why I’m sharing this with you today.

The content in this post was inspired by Bashar, who is the greatest teacher.

You can also listen to this material, with some additional commentary by Bevan Bird, by clicking here.

“Every moment I am new!”

“I am free. I can create myself to be however I choose. Freedom is the basis of my existence. Freedom is my birthright.”

“I am choosing happiness, peace, love, joy, and creativity for myself. It dines matter what others do and think. My happiness depends only on myself, what I choose things to mean and how I respond to the reflections I experience.”

Be Mindful. Here’s How To Tame Your Nutcase Mind, In A Nutshell

Step 1: Give your negative mind a name. Mine is Nimrod. This will help you become aware that you are not your mind and help you to not get caught up in unhelpful thoughts.

Step 2: When you notice your mind giving you advice, thank it and ask yourself whether the advice is helpful or unhelpful. Reason lovingly and logically with your negative mind and win.

Step 3: Bring your attention to a mental anchor in the present moment. You can use any of your senses. Go with whichever sense feels strongest or easiest to hold your attention on.
Cheryl Keaton suggested to me to “pause whatever you are doing, many times throughout the day and feel your palms, or the centres of the bottoms of your feet.” You may feel energy flowing out of your feet into the Earth. This helps you ground and be present. Feel your palms and breathe naturally. Count your breath cycles (in and out count as one cycle.) That gives the monkey mind something to do, so you can be free of its tyranny.

Step 4: Repeat this process (Steps 2-3) every time your mind gets distracted by an unhelpful thought. We are happiest and most successful and at peace when we focus on what we are doing or being, not on thoughts from the past or worries about the future or what other people think about us!

Note: Daily meditation will also help you be more mindful.

Sources for How To Tame Your Nutcase Mind, In A Nutshell:

The Steps 1-4 come from A Six-Minute Guide To Taming Your Mind contained in Chapter 3 of Freedom by Design: Living Life on Your Terms by Estela Kun, John Abbott et al. The author of Chapter 3 is Andrea Featherstone, and this chapter is about freedom from your nutcase mind. She offers mind-taming for indecisive overachievers.

Cheryl Keaton is my Enlightened Partner and this is her website. She offers channeling and remote Kundalini activation sessions. You can also connect with her on Facebook.


Ground yourself every morning and multiple times throughout the day. This is an anchor that enables you to raise yourself up and explore higher vibrations while staying oriented.

Click here for the Grounding meditation in writing. Or in Audio.


Like Exercises from Feel Free to Prosper by Marilyn Janett:

Worthiness. Happiness.

I easily accept new worthiness thoughts.

I am prepared to increase my self worth now.

I accept that I am good enough. I am more than good enough.

I am enough, I do enough, I have enough.

I am way more than enough. I am amazing!

I was created perfectly, for a reason. Creation doesn’t make mistakes. I am worthy because I exist. PERIOD.


There is no “out there” out there. The universe is inside me.

I create reality with my beliefs. I do what I BELIEVE will bring me pleasure. I avoid doing what I BELIEVE will bring me pain.

Are your actions in alignment with your excitement and your preferences?

What are you absolutely terrified might happen if you allow yourself to be who you really are? This indicates your negative belief. Ask if you believe if that belief serves you, and of it doesn’t, you will let it go!

You ARE in control. You do drive your experience of reality. “Surrender is not giving up control. Surrender is giving over to the control you already have built in. Surrender is giving up on thinking that the ego has to control everything.”

“The past” does not affect your present. The present is all that truly exists. The past and future exist as parallel realities, to this one. In the present is all your power, and from here you create your new past and future, both of which are always changing.

Know that you are one with all of creation. There is a benevolent power that loves, supports and guides you constantly.

The greatest service you can give is to be your true self.


The Formula That Bashar Teaches

Act on the thing that contains the most excitement and that you have the highest degree of ability to take action on, to the best of your ability until you can take it no further… with no insistence or expectation about what the outcome ought to be. No matter what happens, know that it is manifesting for a reason, to serve you. Choose a positive meaning and gain a positive effect from it.


If you feel you are spreading yourself too thin, simplify. Make sure your needs are met. (You have Seven Neutral Needs, listed below.) After that, whatever is your highest excitement, do that. Enough is enough. You don’t need to keep striving for more. That will not bring the inner peace and happiness you desire. Only going within can bring you that, as there is nothing outside you that can fulfill you. There is no “out there” out there!

1) Air

2) Water

3) Sleep  & Dream

4) Food – nutrition (breatharians are the exception to the rule)

5) Shelter – or beneficial environment – cave etc.

6) Connection – relationship (rock, animals, plant, God, All-That-Is)

7) Personal Unique Creative expression

This tip was given to me by Isabell, the hybrid child, channeled by Gita Rose on June 19, 2018.


Bashar Homework: Ego Negotiation 101

Contract Between Higher Mind And Ego Mind

“How many times, ego, have I shown you that miracles are the natural order of reality if you just step out of the way and trust the higher laws of manifestation, love, intention, and constant action in the direction we truly prefer. No need to sabotage or jinks any longer or restrict the energy of positive momentum, we will learn what we need when we need it. This reinforces us to work in that direction together, I love you. Thank you for doing your best to keep me safe with the fears you have learned from the naivety of unconscious conditioning or without the proper acquired wisdom that we now have. You are free to walk with me in the sun.”

Source: Posted by Casey Lake on Feb 17, 2018 in a Bashar Group

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