How to Easily Copy and Save Content You Created on Facebook

Have you ever created some great content in Facebook posts and the comments underneath, but then lost track of it and failed to re-use it, re-purpose it for content marketing and traffic generation purposes? What a waste, right?

Well, my girlfriend Cheryl has been creating a ton of content recently as she started to channel to help other people by answering their questions. One of her posts in a group now has hundreds of comments, and when I copied all the content and backed it up as a text file for her, it had over 25,000 words in it!

In this post I will show you how to quickly and easily save content from your posts on Facebook.

You know how it would take a long time to open up all the comments under your post, and click See more… over and over to expand all the long comments? I found a javascript Chrome bookmarklet that does this for you automatically, and it worked for me. That’s why I’m sharing it with you, to save you time.

Get info about the Expand All Facebook Comments bookmarklet here. Creator: Jens Farley. To install or update the bookmarklet, click here to bring up a page with the bookmarklet in it, along with some simple instructions.

Once you add it to your Chrome bookmarks bar, by clicking a button, here’s how to use it:

Navigate to the post you want to expand, and then click the Expand All button on your bookmarks bar. All comments will be opened and expanded.

The next step is to select all this text and copy it. Personally, I then paste it into Notepad, and then save it, allowing it to stay as ANSI (not Unicode.)

Unicode will keep more information like emoticons and accents and foreign language characters. But I put it in ANSI because I do another step after this, because, if you’ve ever copied a post and its comments and pasted the text, you’ll know that there is a lot of extra information that you don’t need, cluttering up your screen.

That’s why I created a Perl script to process that text and simplify it by removing all the unnecessary lines of text.

Here is an example of some comments under a post on Facebook:

Facebook Comments Example

Facebook Comments Example

Click here to see a text file which comes from copying, pasting into Notepad and saving.

And here’s the output from the script. Much neater!

Download the Perl script and get more information about it here.

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