How To Build A World-Class Brand From Scratch [Mini Course]

A client of mine asked me to teach them how to build their brand.

Here’s a crash course.

I believe that we are valuable because we exist. We are worthy of being who we are as fully as we possibly can be.

We are valuable because of who we are. Our uniqueness makes us even more valuable.

You are needed.

Value yourself more.

You are worthy.

“You have something special. There is greatness within you.” – Les Brown

Value You.


* Where does your heart ache? As Ghandi said, that is where your service lies.

What do you stand for?

What are you about?

* What are your highest core values?

* Watch this video for 25 seconds. Andrew Mason of Groupon defines core values. Take notes.

“We had succeeded by holding on to our ideals. Nothing could be better than that.” – Ed Catmull, in Creativity Inc., after reaching his personal 20 year goal to produce a full length fully computer-animated feature film! (Toy Story by Pixar)

“Marketing is about Values.” – Steve Jobs

* Watch this video and take notes:

* What are your highest core values?

* What do you love to do?

“Find something you LOVE to do, Be Great at it and Sell it.” – Mark Cuban, Billionaire, Broadcast dot com, Cyber Dust

* Apply the Velocity Factor to position yourself as the solution to an urgent, expensive, common and evergreen problem.

Solve a problem that sells. It’s urgent, expensive, common and evergreen.

“You will be paid for your position in the marketplace.” – Frank Kern

The Velocity Factor: 3 Little Known Magical Secrets To Magnetize Your Tribe, Stop Selling and Have $100K Days with Eli Davidson | Morgana Radio

I am sending you 3 links to show you more about Eli Davidson’s concept, including her Animal Communicator example.

“My clients become: THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN” – Eli Davidson

Generally, Val Heart, was an animal communicator. Her current website:

With Eli’s help, they positioned her as the solution to an expensive, urgent and common problem: The Underperforming Show Horse Expert.

* Make a list of prospects, using LinkedIn

* Listen to this and apply it by reaching out to them in an effective way:

For more support on this, join this group on Facebook:

* Listen to this and apply it.

If you have a true direct marketing business, then branding should be done only as a side effect to the direct marketing that you do. “Only no-cost brand building” is one of Dan Kennedy’s 10 No B.S. rules.

* If you’re still interested in branding, follow my friend Michelle Van Otten

* Other branding examples:

Eli Davidson, the Reinvention Expert

Sohail Khan, the Joint Venture Expert

Doreen Virtue, the Angel Therapy Expert

Deborah Skye King, World’s Leading Authority on Soul Therapy

Alicia Power, the Spiritual Teacher

Marisa Peer, the Worthiness Expert

Val Heart, The Underperforming Show Horse Expert

Joel Comm, Does Good Stuff

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist, creator of the largest hypnosis library online

Vishen Lakhiani, creator of the largest online mediation school

Larry Benet, the Connector

Jay Abraham, the Genius Marketing Strategist

John Maxwell, the Leadership Guru

Bob Burg, the Referral Marketing Expert

Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, helping inexperienced sales people become top producers

Mark Victor Hansen, Master Motivator

Angel Hill, a Small Girl Making a BIG Difference Helping YOU Monetize What You LOVE Online, “Rockstar!”- Kajabi

Brene Brown, the Shame Transmutation Expert

Megan Macedo, the Authentic Marketing Expert

* Going beyond… This is enlightening. I recommend watching it.

50 Entrepreneurs share priceless advice

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The True Purpose of The Internet

Good morning! Here are my morning messages for you…
From yesterday
I love hearing sucess stories, how about you?
We succeeded by holding onto our ideals. Nothing could be better than that!Earlier in the evening, in this track, I summarize what happened yesterday and at 4:50, I begin to discuss the purpose of the internet (and how to use it for fun and profit.) The purpose is to facilitate collaboration that propels humanity forward or helps us evolve to our next highest evolution – we are tending back to our true selves – LOVE.

Then I dig more into the purpose of the internet and HOW BEST TO USE IT

And after that, I said I would relax and put my feet up – I’m currently reading Creativity, Inc (about Pixar and what we can learn from their challenges, achievements and how they made great things happen) – in fact, I’m listening to it on Audible. I quite like it!

Then, of course I slept, and in the morning, the first two new tracks I recorded, I have already shared with you at the beginning of this email.

Back to the present moment. I am up early again today and will head up to the summit of the pacific ocean side of the rim of the volcanic crater near here.
Make it an awe-inspiring day!
Bevan Bird
Inspiring Soul-Aligned Business and Life
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How to Get Out of Debt and Completely Transform Your Financial Reality

If you are here for the simple Napoleon Hill article that I used to change my life in 2013 (crippling debt to abundance), it’s here:

Napoleon Hill – Principles of Personal Achievement

Recently I asked my subscribers to answer one of the following questions for me, whichever speaks to them…

What are your three greatest challenges with living your greatest, most inspired life?

What’s holding you back from making the difference you know you’re here to make?

The responses I received talked about… Finances, self confidence, finances, my regular job, my 6 figure student loans debt, I am getting old, held back mostly by fear and the feeling of hopelessness and being trapped because of my family responsibilities and no support from family to do anything but work to pay bills.

Below is my response, modified for my group.

First, some important information:

Where income figures are mentioned, those income figures are anecdotal information. Please do not assume that you will make those same income figures.

Please do not construe any statement in this website as a claim or representation of average earnings. There are NO average earnings. Testimonials and statements of individuals are not to be construed as claims or representations of average earnings. I cannot, do not, and will not make any claims as to earnings, average, or otherwise.

Success in any endeavor is based on many factors individual to you. I do not know your educational background, your skills, your prior experience, or the time you can and will devote to the endeavour.

Please perform your own due diligence before embarking on any course of action. Follow the advice of your personal qualified advisors.

My friend, I feel for you!

You’re not getting old… you think you are, but that doesn’t have to stop you from being successful. David J. Schwartz talks about this in The Magic of Thinking Big – I recommend this book to you if you think you’re getting old and this is preventing your success.

You’re not licked yet. You can still win!

You don’t have to feel hopeless either! There are many other people who feel the way you do. Maybe you can help them!

For fear, I like Preston Smiles’s video: 5 ways to OVERCOME FEAR

For self-confidence, you need to start using THE SELF-CONFIDENCE CREED FROM LAW OF SUCCESS BY NAPOLEON HILL.

The Winner’s Creed is also good.

For the women in my tribe, the Confident Woman’s Creed may also serve you well.

For the financial stuff, the first thing we need is a shift in consciousness.

I will allow Bashar to help you with this one. In less than 5 minutes, you will have a profound shift in the way you see yourself. Please either record a message to respond to me how you feel differently, or write me a quick note! I look forward to hearing or seeing how this changes your thinking…

I would remind you that You were created for a reason. Please listen to the message in this video on my blog post here, and take it to heart!

You exist for a reason! Creation does not make mistakes!

A friend of mine, a self-made millionaire in Canada, helped me shift my vibration by visualizing a new, abundant reality. My life changed rapidly and radically for the better soon after. Here’s the message I wrote to him today because I want to bring him back into the fold in my life and collaborate with him and bring the same experience of a powerful guided visualization and meditation for wealth transformation to you too.


Hi Russell, how are you? I’ve been thinking about you and really feeling grateful for how much my life changed after you guided me through a visualization exercise – that guided meditation really helped to change my life! My energy shifted and I went from being in debt and feeling hopeless, to earning $146,000 in one year! (2013)

Now that other people are asking me for help… I want to ask you for help again, if you would be willing to share 30 minutes of your time to help people who are struggling financially. We could record a guided visualization / meditation, and the recording can go on to help people change their lives for many years to come. And you can have all the leads, if you like. They can opt into your system to access the meditation, so then they can get your communications and come to your workshops and go for cruises with you in the future when they are more wealthy as well!

What do you think of these ideas?

Would you like to collaborate with me by giving a meditation remotely (I will record it) ?




I’d love for you to listen to this story I told, I share how I transformed myself with simple tools, clarity of purpose, focus and habits of adding more and more value in a focused way in alignment with my purpose… How I went from debt to abundance at the beginning of 2013.

I’d love to hear any feedback you want to give me on that program. It’s in beta, and I’ve only recorded the first track so far. I want to know where you want me to go with it. What exactly do you want to know or learn? What do you want me to share? What burning questions do you have for me? What should I go into in more detail to help you succeed?

Because a shift in vibration is so important, I want you to listen to this interview and just absorb it and really enjoy the teachings from this modern day transformational master. The 3 Greatest Principles of Achievement of All Time – with Harrison Klein:

It is a blessing to be in the presence of a master.

The second time you listen to that interview, please take notes.

This new meditation by my friend, the Toltec Master Allan Hardman, can help you stop judging yourself and learn to accept and love yourself unconditionally. This will help you live your greatest, most inspired life and can also help you make the difference you are called to make, lead your movement and build your business.

Accept And Love Your Inner Child Meditation (20 min)

It’s so important, I recommend you use it nightly!

Meditation Credit: Allan Hardman

Email: donallan [at]

Websites: and

Here’s to less judgement and fear, to more courage and love, and to your ultimate peace and freedom!

A while ago, I went to a talk by Dan Lok, Founder of the Vancouver Entrepreneurs Group, on How Millionaires Manage Their Money Differently. I shared some of the lessons I learned in this off-the-cuff program: Take Control of Your Financial Destiny (1h 35m audio)

The one place to start would be getting alone in nature if you can and just observing and appreciating the beauty of nature – this helps to connect you with your true self and your higher self.

Another way to do it is to apply The Power Pause technique, created by John Harricharan. This is a 3 minute, 3 step exercise that you can do multiple times every day and it connects you with your inner resourcefulness.

You can see us doing something like it, not the same, but a similar idea, at the beginning of Live With Soul call #2, when we all take one minute to imagine the perfect world, together, each of us individually imagining our own perfect world. Take a minute and imagine with us, will you? One listener reported feeling completely different, all the stress of the day had melted away:

Hopefully this gives you some ideas of what you can do today, from where you are!

By the way, what is your purpose? HOW DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP PEOPLE? Please let me know. If I can help, I will.I can’t stress enough how important it is to connect with your vision and your purpose and then start living it. I told a story about this to illustrate (on video) today. It’s 25 minutes long and it’s coming as soon as I can upload it. I expect to share it tomorrow. [new day EDIT: here it is: ]

In the meantime, here is FINDING YOUR HIGHEST CALLING – I training I co-created with Vera Yang:

And here is Lisa Nichols, with How To Step Into Your Purpose:

Once I connected with my vision of the perfect world, I was aligning with my purpose and I could immediately begin creating content spontaneously without fear, from that moment forward. It was a really great day!

My video for today was way too long for a daily video (usually they should be 1-5 minutes long and this helps us to be able to quickly upload it and get it out to our subscribers) – but this video serves as a great reminder of the simple business model Sean Mize uses and teaches. I’d love for you to review the model and get my stories and encouragement as well and start doing your own daily videos, sharing your message that changes lives!

How You Can Build A Simple Online Training Business:

I encourage you… Make the difference only you can make, by being who you really are.

Once you know your purpose, start doing the daily email and video. This will start building your platform and help you connect with people and make your outreach that much more effective.

When you know how you will help people, and why you are an expert or why you’re qualified to teach this (my example answers here) the next step in marketing preparation is creating your story.

Here is Bo Eason, the world’s greatest story and stage performance coach: “Your story is the one thing you’ve got.”

Lisa Nichols, on How To Move People With Your Story:

Les Brown also has a great story and he encourages you to Tell Your Story now.

I encourage you to listen to this next podcast episode as this will help you find the actual business in your business.

Identify a problem to solve that is urgent, common and expensive if not solved! Once you identify a great one, position yourself accordingly.

Eli Davidson has consulted Richard Branson’s companies. One of her most difficult cases was a generalist animal communicator – any animal! Needless to say, low-paid.

She found a great solution that caused people to search her out and the National Show Horse Association invited her in to speak to their members…

What did she do?

They positioned her as the Under-Performing Show Horse Expert.

The Velocity Factor: 3 Little Known Magical Secrets To Magnetize Your Tribe, Stop Selling and Have $100K Days with Eli Davidson | Morgana Radio

Position yourself based on a problem you can solve that is urgent, common and expensive if not solved. Now that’s a problem that sells! Now your message will stand out and cut through the clutter! Now, you will be sought-after.

Next, how are you going to charge?

Blueprint your business.

Craft your vision for this year. How many people’s lives are you going to change this year?

What is your income goal for this year? How much do you want to earn each month? How much are you going to earn each week?

I plan to share my vision for this year with you soon, and also plan to teach you how to create your vision and focus statements to help you focus on implementing and achieving your vision. Let me know if you want that training. If enough people reach out to me about it, I’ll create it sooner rather than later.

Implementing Sales and Marketing

The sales process – required listening for new entrepreneurs. He went from being a struggling salesman out of college, to becoming a top producer. Learn his system:

Selling Entrepreneurs on The Go-Giver Podcast

You have a moral obligation to find the people who can benefit from what you can do to help them, and connect with them, and educate them about the benefit so they can experience it and get out of the pain that they have (whether they are currently aware of that pain or not.)

We cannot persuade people when they do not yet know us and when they do not yet trust us. Enter Jon Buchan with his Charm Offensive.

Cold outreach – cut through the clutter in their inbox! This guy is amazing at getting the attention of busy people and he’s been able to meet with some of the biggest brands in the world. Learn how he does it and how you can too:

The Secret To Getting Response With Unconventional Email And Direct Mail


By the way, would you like to chat? On Wednesday I hold an open call to help people live their greatest, most inspired life. It’s at 11:30 am Pacific time. I can answer any questions you have and encourage you or help you with direction on that call.

To your soul’s greatest joy and your most amazing worldly success,


P.S. If you want to talk with me every week about your business and get my guidance, feel free to sign up for the Do What You Love Premium Membership. It’s just $97 USD per month. And if you sign up before Monday evening, you’ll also get one 60 minute private 1-on-1 consultation with me as a bonus, which is a $1,111 USD value. Click here to Sign up with PayPal Now.

P.P.S. If you want to learn more, sign up for free at

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How To Shine Your Light Today And Impact 100 Lives

There is something special inside you. You can be great!

You can be phenomenal!

The inner connection with the Divine is your most precious gift and gives you unlimited power.

You have the ability to write or speak words that bring a feeling and an experience to people.

For example, people have told me they felt great peace when they read just a few of my words.

There’s an energy you are always transmitting. It is your unique signature vibration.

You were born unique. Don’t die a copy!

I want you to share the message that’s inside you that can make a real difference in other people’s lives. And I want to do it today!

Three days ago, I shot a video on my phone after walking in nature (which has a perfect vibration, you’ll remember) and posted it on Facebook right away. I then shared it into 30 groups. It’s now been seen by 318 people:

Shine your light today!

My daily message yesterday was the daily email recorded into a video, which I uploaded to YouTube, as I am starting to build my online presence by teaching one short simple lesson that can change people’s lives every day, just as you can. I uploaded it to Facebook at 11:24 am and shared it into 20 groups. It has now been seen by 183 people:

How to Get To Know Yourself – Get Into Nature

While I was walking on the mountain and listening to some great podcasts, I was inspired and shot another video. This one was longer (more than 7 minutes) and I taught in it how you can start impacting 100 people’s lives every day, starting today, in just minutes per day, by creating and sharing videos that share your personal soul message. I shared it into 6 groups, which took 5 minutes, and it’s been seen by 50 people so far:

You can do this too! Start sharing your message today!

The world needs to experience your joy and your light!

To your best life!


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How to Get To Know Yourself

I am here to help people make the difference only they can make and live their greatest, most inspired life.

The first step to living one’s greatest life is to Know Yourself.

Make space for yourself to get to know who you really are. And connect with your higher self. Your higher self knows where you are going.

One way to do this is to get out in nature, especially alone, and look deeply into nature.

Admire the beauty of nature. Appreciate it. Become completely present.

As I did yesterday while swimming back into shore.

The vibration of nature is perfect.

When you look deep into nature, you will understand everything better. Einstein said that.

I’m about to get out into nature, myself. I’ll go up to the volcanic crater and enjoy the views…

I recommend getting out in nature every single day, for a more peaceful, harmonious, purposeful and fulfilling life.

If you’re not able to get out in nature because of where you’re living now, you could make time for your self to listen to the beautiful sounds of nature for 20 minutes every day.

Somewhere you will not be disturbed for 20 minutes, listen to the sounds with headphones on, while sitting comfortably and peacefully. And do nothing except listen to the sounds with your eyes closed. You might imagine being at your favourite place in nature, a very beautiful place indeed.

I used to do this when I lived in a city. I would usually imagine a beautiful waterfall with a pool below it, and jungle all around, and toucans and other tropical birds flying around or lounging and making their music.

I have one more tip for you… If you’re in a city and it’s difficult to get out in nature every day, consider changing your lifestyle and moving to a place where it’s easy to connect with nature every day. This is what I did at the end of last year. I moved out of my apartment in Vancouver and began travelling. I started with Playa Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico, because it’s a place I knew and loved. It’s peaceful here and I’m now living much closer to nature.

There’s green grass in the yard that feels good on my feet. There’s a mango tree in the back yard. There’s a jungle right behind the property. It’s a 7 minute walk to the beach, which is often almost deserted. And when I walk along the beach and get to the wholistic retreat centre Mar de Jade (which originally brought me here in 2011) I can begin to hike up to the dormant volcano crater and see the beautiful views all around. I rarely see people up there. It gives me a lot of peace to get to connect deeply with nature.

I am very grateful.

To your best life!


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Spiritual Leaders, I Need Your Help!

Awakening Christ Consciousness in All?

What you love to do, that is your gift! By sharing it you’re going to impact many, many lives!Who else wants to win in the connection economy together?

I need YOUR help!

The life changing (yet free) course I’m creating for spiritual leaders to help you build your tribe AND serve them better and monetize their attention is coming along well. I just upgraded the design and I’m very excited about releasing this to the world!

But I want to make sure it exactly meets your needs, so that the most lives can be changed, the most people can be reconnected with who they really are.

So IF you’d like to help me co-create heaven on earth where all are loved, valued, respected and celebrated and each being lives as their true self, joyfully doing works of love in alignment with their soul’s longing, playing and relaxing in the presence of perfect peace, symbiosis and collaboration the norm…

(That’s why I’m doing this)

THEN please tell me what your top three challenges are with building or monetizing your tribe?

Either tweet me @birdify or leave a Facebook comment below this post.

Thank you! Infinite Blessings!

Tribe Building Coach for Spiritual Leaders

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Build Your Tribe by Writing Articles for Your Ideal Audience

Articles are one of the very best ways to generate new subscribers that will spend the most with you, as compared to subscribers generated by other methods.

However, you must write on topics that your buyers will find valuable. You can do this by solving problems that your prospects and clients have. Your email outbox is a potential goldmine for article topic ideas.

There are specific concepts that you can write on that only prospects who are highly targeted for what you offer will be interested in. By writing only on these specific topics, you will get less overall views, but you will attract highly targeted individuals who are the most likely to become customers and clients.

An authoritative explanation of long tail keywords can be found at the link below.

Here are some examples of article titles which are basically long tail keywords or concepts which I might write on, given my expertise:

1. How to make new connections by interacting strategically in Facebook groups
2. How to build your network by interacting strategically on Facebook
3. How to build your tribe by posting in targeted Facebook groups
4. How to find places online where your ideal prospective clients are hanging out
5. How to attract your tribe on Facebook
6. How to attract your soul tribe by using Facebook groups
7. How to engage your tribe on Facebook
8. How to engage your tribe on Facebook with written information
9. How to engage your tribe on Facebook with images
10. How to engage your tribe on Facebook with images and text
11. How to start conversations with your prospects on Facebook
12. How to find your target market on Facebook
13. How to connect with your target market on Facebook
14. How to engage your target market on Facebook
15. How to initiate conversations with your tribe on Facebook
16. How to find out what your target market wants to learn
17. How to create introductory information products that meet the needs of your tribe
18. How to create introductory information products that your tribe will want to buy
19. How to attract new prospects on Facebook and quickly inspire them to talk on the phone with you

There are many other possibilities of what I could teach. These topics cover a small percentage of the total topics I could write on. I just wanted to show you these to demonstrate what the long tail is, so you can create your own list of highly targeted long tail key phrases or concepts to write about. Also, this was a valuable exercise for me to do, as this information is highly reusable for me.

Here is that resource I mentioned:

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I know who you are, I know what you are, I know how you serve

“I know who I Am, I know what I Am, I know how I serve.”

Source: The Book of Knowing and Worth: A Channeled Text by Paul Selig

“I am the creator of the universe.
I am the father and mother of the universe.
Everything comes from me.
Everything shall return to me.
Mind, spirit and body are my temples,
for the self to realize in them
My supreme being and becoming.”

Source: A Prayer for the New Age – The World Teacher

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Where can I find my ideal prospective clients online and how do I engage them in conversation?

Tulum White Sand Beach Riviera Maya Mexico Vacation Beautiful ParadiseHere’s a special audio training for you:

Where Can I Meet Prospects Online?

Yesterday I talked with Lisa Meisels.

Lisa is the Reconnection Catalyst, helping women who are aggravated by pain to get relief in 2 weeks, regain their zest for life and feel 10 years younger.

Get her 5 Secrets to More Energy by clicking here.

I helped her by showing her how she can find her ideal prospective clients online and engage them in conversation.

Where Can I Meet Prospects Online? (MP3 Link, play in browser or Right Click and Download)

Do you have a follow up question to this?

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Bob Burg Interviewed on Referral Based Business Building

Can a subtle shift in focus really make that big of a difference in your business and in your income?

Our guest says, “Absolutely, yes!”

Bob Burg


This interview was a lot of fun! Listen in here:

Download mp3

About today’s guest:

Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences. He regularly addresses audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000. He has shared the platform with notables including today’s top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former United States President.

He is coauthor of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More and author of Endless Referrals and numerous other books (more than a million copies sold in total). The Go-Giver has been translated into 21 languages.

His newest book is Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion.

Bob is an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve. He is also an unapologetic animal fanatic, and serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors of Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic in his town of Jupiter, Florida.

You are welcome to visit Bob’s website and immediately download Chapter One from his international bestseller The Go-Giver as well as Adversaries into Allies and receive lots of other value-added resources.

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