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Sunny Trim of Vancouver, BC, Canada is the owner of Vancouver Corporate Yoga & Yoga and Wine Holidays www.vancouvercorporateyoga.com www.yogaandwineholidays.com

“I ran my first 6-week online workshop without needing to have a fancy website or sales pages or any of the things that I've heard I needed to have to succeed!”

Lori Bateman, Transformational Relationship Coach at Open Heart Journals, Tribe Building Mastermind member

“Since joining your Tribe Building Mastermind, I have met my goal of connecting with at least 20 high vibrational, influential people to potentially JV with and 250 potential tribe members (for me), within 6 weeks instead of 12.”

Serenity Raven-Wolf of Brisbane, Australia is the Editor of ONE mag (Online Consciousness Magazine) www.onemag.biz www.serenityravenwolf.com

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