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Is it Time to Transform Your Business By Building Your Tribe Online?

Perhaps, like my friend Wendi, you’ve built your business primarily in person and locally.

You’ve done everything you can locally and now you want to make a bigger impact in the world.

Are you done with trading time for dollars and playing it small and now want to play a bigger game online and you know you need to do that through building a tribe?

But as you’ve tried to get started engaging your tribe online you realized “I have no clue what I’m doing.”

Hi, I’m Bevan Bird, the Premier Tribe Building Coach and perhaps I can help you.

I know that if you’re used to engaging in person it’s a whole other thing to get used to engaging your tribe online.

I’ve been there. When I first came online in 2009, I had almost no connections. But today, I’m easily attracting my soul tribe (people with the same soul purpose as me) and there are people all over the world who are helping me build my tribe.

Meet Serenity. She made her initial new connections goal in half the time

Serenity Raven-Wolf
Serenity Raven-Wolf
Brisbane, Australia, Editor of ONE mag

“Bevan, before meeting you, I had struggled to find my tribe. I have tried many things, ideas and suggestions from many people.

Since meeting you and joining your Tribe Building Mastermind, I have met my 3 month goal of connecting with at least 20 high vibrational, influential people to potentially JV with and 250 potential tribe members (for me), within 6 weeks instead of 12.

I wouldn’t be this far along without you. Now I have a pathway forward to share my burning desire message with the world.

I made about 150 this week, from the live stream event by Bob Proctor. And they are still connecting with me. I just made myself valuable by my words and my actions.

I am seriously getting a handle on this building tribe thing and I have barely begun! Thank you!”

You could continue on struggling to figure out all the online marketing pieces yourself, or we could have a conversation and I could help you simplify everything. It’s your choice.

Apply for a strategy session now.

There are limited spots available and I can’t work with everyone.