I Love Nature


I love the idea of meandering through these lanes of lavender in France every day.

"Lavender Fields" by Energy Artist Julia

“Lavender Fields” by Energy Artist Julia

According to Julia, the artist, lavender is one of most powerful flowers, promoting spiritual healing, tranquility and love. This beautiful art inspired me to share these images of Nature with you today.


I like rubbing the lavender between my palms and inhaling the scent it releases.

It reminds me to be strong like the lavender that when crushed doesn’t turn bitter but instead leaves a beautiful smell in the air.

Two happy little Owls

Do you see the resemblance? (Hint: the hairline)

They’re both Birds.

abThe breathtaking view of these Northern Lights is something I look forward to in the evening. Vancouver has spotted Aurora Borealis a few times but it’s usually around 4:00am.


Just imagine being here at the Blue Lagoon Luxury Hot Springs in Iceland!

That’s all for now…



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Spiritual Leaders, I Need Your Help!

Awakening Christ Consciousness in All?

What you love to do, that is your gift! By sharing it you’re going to impact many, many lives!Who else wants to win in the connection economy together?

I need YOUR help!

The life changing (yet free) course I’m creating for spiritual leaders to help you build your tribe AND serve them better and monetize their attention is coming along well. I just upgraded the design and I’m very excited about releasing this to the world!

But I want to make sure it exactly meets your needs, so that the most lives can be changed, the most people can be reconnected with who they really are.

So IF you’d like to help me co-create heaven on earth where all are loved, valued, respected and celebrated and each being lives as their true self, joyfully doing works of love in alignment with their soul’s longing, playing and relaxing in the presence of perfect peace, symbiosis and collaboration the norm…

(That’s why I’m doing this)

THEN please tell me what your top three challenges are with building or monetizing your tribe?

Either tweet me @birdify or leave a Facebook comment below this post.

Thank you! Infinite Blessings!

Tribe Building Coach for Spiritual Leaders

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Build Your Tribe by Writing Articles for Your Ideal Audience

writing for the long tailArticles are one of the very best ways to generate new subscribers that will spend the most with you, as compared to subscribers generated by other methods.

However, you must write on topics that your buyers will find valuable. You can do this by solving problems that your prospects and clients have. Your email outbox is a potential goldmine for article topic ideas.

There are specific concepts that you can write on that only prospects who are highly targeted for what you offer will be interested in. By writing only on these specific topics, you will get less overall views, but you will attract highly targeted individuals who are the most likely to become customers and clients.

An authoritative explanation of long tail keywords can be found at the link below.

Here are some examples of article titles which are basically long tail keywords or concepts which I might write on, given my expertise:

1. How to make new connections by interacting strategically in Facebook groups
2. How to build your network by interacting strategically on Facebook
3. How to build your tribe by posting in targeted Facebook groups
4. How to find places online where your ideal prospective clients are hanging out
5. How to attract your tribe on Facebook
6. How to attract your soul tribe by using Facebook groups
7. How to engage your tribe on Facebook
8. How to engage your tribe on Facebook with written information
9. How to engage your tribe on Facebook with images
10. How to engage your tribe on Facebook with images and text
11. How to start conversations with your prospects on Facebook
12. How to find your target market on Facebook
13. How to connect with your target market on Facebook
14. How to engage your target market on Facebook
15. How to initiate conversations with your tribe on Facebook
16. How to find out what your target market wants to learn
17. How to create introductory information products that meet the needs of your tribe
18. How to create introductory information products that your tribe will want to buy
19. How to attract new prospects on Facebook and quickly inspire them to talk on the phone with you

There are many other possibilities of what I could teach. These topics cover a small percentage of the total topics I could write on. I just wanted to show you these to demonstrate what the long tail is, so you can create your own list of highly targeted long tail key phrases or concepts to write about. Also, this was a valuable exercise for me to do, as this information is highly reusable for me.

Here is that resource I mentioned:


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I know who you are, I know what you are, I know how you serve

“I know who I Am, I know what I Am, I know how I serve.”

Source: The Book of Knowing and Worth: A Channeled Text by Paul Selig

“I am the creator of the universe.
I am the father and mother of the universe.
Everything comes from me.
Everything shall return to me.
Mind, spirit and body are my temples,
for the self to realize in them
My supreme being and becoming.”

Source: A Prayer for the New Age – The World Teacher

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Where can I find my ideal prospective clients online and how do I engage them in conversation?

Tulum White Sand Beach Riviera Maya Mexico Vacation Beautiful ParadiseHere’s a special audio training for you:

Where Can I Meet Prospects Online?

Yesterday I talked with Lisa Meisels.

Lisa is the Reconnection Catalyst, helping women who are aggravated by pain to get relief in 2 weeks, regain their zest for life and feel 10 years younger.

Get her 5 Secrets to More Energy by clicking here.

I helped her by showing her how she can find her ideal prospective clients online and engage them in conversation.

Where Can I Meet Prospects Online? (MP3 Link, play in browser or Right Click and Download)

Do you have a follow up question to this?

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Bob Burg Interviewed on Referral Based Business Building

Can a subtle shift in focus really make that big of a difference in your business and in your income?

Our guest says, “Absolutely, yes!”

Bob Burg


This interview was a lot of fun! Listen in here:

Download mp3

About today’s guest:

Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences. He regularly addresses audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000. He has shared the platform with notables including today’s top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former United States President.

He is coauthor of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More and author of Endless Referrals and numerous other books (more than a million copies sold in total). The Go-Giver has been translated into 21 languages.

His newest book is Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion.

Bob is an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve. He is also an unapologetic animal fanatic, and serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors of Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic in his town of Jupiter, Florida.

You are welcome to visit Bob’s website www.Burg.com and immediately download Chapter One from his international bestseller The Go-Giver as well as Adversaries into Allies and receive lots of other value-added resources.

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Want to Create Your Own Information Products?

Outlining your knowledge that will change people’s lives will give you amazing clarity.

It will enable you to create information products and change more lives and earn more money as well.

Here is a spontaneous informal training on how to start creating information products.

Download mp3



The one that we just made before this, that I mention near the start is this: Empathic? It’s a Blessing, Not a Curse!

After this training, we got into this topic, the main thing that I teach:

Introduction to the Essential Daily Habits of Tribe Building

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Empathic? It’s a Blessing, Not a Curse!

Stephanie LeivasI had a great conversation with my friend the Advanced Akashic Records Soul Re-alignment Psychic, Stephanie Leivas recently.

If you’re an empath, you’re going to love this conversation because it will help you see being an empath as a gift instead of a challenge.

Download mp3

Message and Add Stephanie Leivas on Facebook.

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Uplevel Your Spiritual Business with a Spiritual Business Attunement

Psychic Life Coaching

Are you ready to Uplevel Your Spiritual Business?

Do you feel like there’s a wild voice within you that you’re silencing?

Are you a spiritual business owner or entrepreneur earning from $5-8K / month and you want to go to the next level?

Do you have fear around taking your next jump up?

Are you experiencing that there’s something lacking… you’re not yet completely in alignment with where you want to go?

Listen to this conversation with Stephanie Leivas Advanced Akashic Records Soul Re-alignment Psychic and learn how you can Uplevel Your Spiritual Business by aligning with your soul.

Download mp3

Stephanie Leivas

Message and Add Stephanie Leivas on Facebook.







To download the recording file…
1. Right click on the link (to right click on a mac, hold down the “Control” key while you click the link).
2. Select “Save link as”, “Download linked file as”, or “Save Target as”, depending on your web browser.

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Interacting With Your Fans Will Lead to More Sharing

Yes, interacting with your fans will lead to more sharing… and more people finding you, and today I’m going to share an example with you to illustrate this.

I’ll also show you LIVE how turn someone who didn’t know me from Adam yesterday, into a real FAN, from scratch!

Stay tuned…

That is what I did this morning, sharing my most recent blog post with a new potential fan.

I found out that this page (Positive Energy Only Vortex) shared a photo which I had shared on Facebook as part of a collection of photos to connect people with their creative self.

How did I find out? By looking at my notifications.

Facebook Notifications

Facebook Notifications

Let me back up a moment.

This started with Deedar Shaikh liking a bunch of these photos in the collection I mentioned.

I noticed him doing that yesterday, by looking at my notifications, and appreciated his attention to my creative work.

Here’s what I did: I commented on the photo that he commented on. You can see that here:

Deedar commented on this photo and I replied to him. Click the photo to connect with us!

Deedar commented on this photo and I replied to him. Click the photo to connect with us!

This is what happened after I replied to his comment:

Here’s what I realized:

1) When your friends or fans interact with your posts (like, comment or share), new people can discover them because of that activity.

2) When you respond to your friends’ or fans’ comments, your post will be shown to more people again.

So the way to make this work for you is to post something valuable to your friends or prospects (I’ll show you an example in a moment) and then allow the likes, comments and shares to build up for a while, while you do other things. And then return and like their comments and/or respond to them, making them feel special and important.

Okay, here’s the example:

My recent grateful and self-empowerment post

My recent grateful and self-empowerment post

There was this much meaningful engagement because the words and energy of my post and photo resonated with my friends, and also because I responded after the first round of engagement subsided, or rather, after 40 minutes. I simply liked each of the first four comments, sent them good vibes and wrote one quick comment. Then the incoming interaction increased, and you can see that today there are 74 people who liked the post.

It didn’t start out that way, just a few people liked and commented. But by responding to them, more and more people were drawn in.

Click the image to visit the actual post on Facebook

Take what you’ve learned here today and extend your reach and your network by interacting with your fans.

A couple more tips:

1) Share your posts with the world, instead of just with your friends.

2) Make your profile wide open to the world. Allow people to follow you and allow friends of friends to comment on your posts. With a limit of 5000 friends, it’s hard to accommodate everyone so making your profile just as good to a non-friend as a friend is a very inviting thing. (Thank you Adryenn Ashley for this tip.)

By the way, the page that shared my photo (Positive Energy Only Vortex) is run by someone like myself. Here is the About section on their Facebook page:

I used to call myself the Energetic Connector, connecting the leaders of the light tribes. Since then, it has become more truth than fiction, and I now serve heart-centred entrepreneurs, spiritual people and healers, helping them build their tribes so they can impact more lives and life their dream lifestyle.

So, you see how sharing your true self attracts people like you to you. And when you’re connected with like minded people that all want the same things, you become more powerful and it’s easier to succeed in your mission.

Here is a touch I made to initiate the conversation and relationship with the owner of the page:

Here is another example, from right now. This page (which I didn’t know existed until now) shared my content:

Click to visit the post

Click to visit the post

That’s my previous post, the one I wrote this morning, sharing the message that was put on my heart to share with my tribe and the world.

I left this comment to thank the person sharing:

And I also shared her post into a group where I thought people would like to know about her:

Although it mostly looks like my post, I did use their words and it does have a link to their page.

Here is what the person behind the page did to respond to my comment on their share of my initial post:

And there, I shared with her this post you’re reading now, because it continues, building on the thoughts of the first post… so that if you apply what I taught in the first post, creating content that teaching people how they can connect with their true self (as Esther Bartkiw has with her gift of being more of your own soul’s energy and removing foreign energy entities, which you can get at her website WhispersFromTheSoul.com by entering your name and email under Do This Every Night Before Bed For An Instant Shift, as seen here: )

… if you create that content and share it, you’re going to start attracting people and if you’ve never done this before, then you’ll be building your tribe from scratch… or if you’re already a publisher, you’re just going to be reaching people at a deeper level and attracting more authentic people like you into your life… and what are you going to do with that attention? This post you’re reading now gives some suggestions.

Back to Esther Bartkiw’s example. I wouldn’t have known that she has that full protocol available to everyone for free from her website, if she didn’t tell me on this post when I mentioned her soon after discovering her through Eram Saeed (and her telesummit From Heartache to Joy.)

Click the image to visit the post

Click the image to visit the post

So do as she did, and interact with your fans! She just got herself another backlink (from this post you’re reading) and perhaps a new stream of subscribers as I tell people about her.

You might be wondering how I got her to comment on my post? Well, after I found her and decided she was awesome and someone who connects people with who they really are (these people are my tribe), I decided to reach out and connect with her. I searched her on Facebook and sent her a private message and a friend request.

In another post I will show you examples of the kind of private messages I might send to someone as an initial touch.

Here’s another example. On my grateful and self-empowerment post, I left a comment today (11 days after the previous comments ended) linking to this post you’re reading now.

Pete Taboada, who sent me a friend request yesterday (which I accepted) and who is an awesome artist, commented on it, and you can see our little conversation here.

What I didn’t show you is how I interacted with a few of his posts today.

And back to the post we started with today where Deedar Shaikh’s interaction inspired me to tell these stories… I responded there again and linked to the earlier post from today.

And here’s a bonus example. Errity Green was the inspiration for my post yesterday (that’s a good practice, allowing your tribe to inspire the content you create to serve them) and today she has commented on my share of that post (How to make your Facebook posts visible to the whole world, instead of just your friends.)

Click the image to visit the post

Click the image to visit the post

So, I’ll show you how I responded to that just now:


The post I saw of hers (and I saw it because I went to her wall, probably after she had interacted with my posts, so I knew she was getting value from what I’d been publishing on Facebook lately) was this one, and only her friends could see it:

Click the image to visit her page, give her a like and reach out and connect if you're called

Click the image to visit her page, give her a like and reach out and connect if you’re called

Now the world can see her post, because I cared about her personally and sent her a message about it.

The private messages, the start of our conversation about this

The private messages, the start of our conversation about this

Now, I’ll let you in on a secret. While I was on her wall just now, I noticed over on the left hand side, under her most recent likes…

How I discovered the Female Entrepreneur Association

How I discovered the Female Entrepreneur Association

The Female Entrepreneur Association. This is a page, where I might want to target my Facebook advertising to their fans.

Also, one more tip… If you also visit the page linked to by See More Suggestions and save that link too (here you go) you’ll see similar pages and can discover more great places to meet more of your ideal clients, referral partners or JV partners, whatever your intention may be. Here’s what it looks like:

I add this page and the similar pages link to one of my spread sheets which is a list of influencers or top websites where I can meet people (there are lots of ways to meet people with your message, such as guest posting, being interviewed, advertising on the website)… When you want to build a big platform, a big tribe, in preparing to “generate targeted traffic” as they call it in online marketing (which means meeting the right kind of people that you can help) you should make a list of the top websites and influencers.

Here’s an example of me doing that for one of my supporting sub-missions: healing the relationship between spirituality and money, so that healers and spiritual people can realize they can have it all!

[Video] Build a Big Tribe – Prepare – Create a Targeted List of Influencers Part 1/2

Part 2/2

And finally, I’ll show you an example of something I just did when I was in The Spiritual Entrepreneurs group posting a link to my new blog post of this morning. I looked around a little and saw this post…

That was something I could add to. And this is great targeted content marketing by the way. Often it’s the photo that  captures people’s attention first and she’s asking a question there that her ideal client will identify with. Very smart.

Here’s the comment that was already there, and you’ll see my comments too.

I resisted the urge to brag. I almost wrote about an experience with someone I was doing a complimentary consultation for, where they told me I really understood her, I “got her” and that when I shared ideas with her, she could really see how it all fit together and how it made sense, but when others would share things, it would just make her overwhelmed because she didn’t see how the pieces fit together. Well, I’m going to give thanks to Sean Mize, one of my coaches, because he helped me see the whole online marketing system holistically, and that’s one reason why I could communicate with her in that way.

They say the wisdom is knowing a lot but not saying it.

Here’s what happened next. She liked my comment there and she started following my posts.


Then I saw that she liked one of posts which was for people starting out.


Then I noticed she had sent me a friend request. Maybe she actually did that first, and that’s what notified me that she followed me.


I accepted it, and as I always do, I sent her a message. Friends without any conversation will be useless to you. You have to communicate with people, like I’ve been showing you all through this post today, to build relationship and trust with them. And that’s where the gold is, in building real relationships and seeing where things go.


Instead of letting her know I’d be happy to be a resource to her about coaching / marketing coaching services, I just left it at that, and let her talk. I can always tell her things later. It’s important to build rapport with people first. Keep it really simple, and you’ll be able to connect with so many more people with so much less effort.

I goofed and pasted the image into the chat box (don’t do that!) but I made up for it by quickly answering her question and being honest about what I was doing so she wouldn’t become suspicious and distrust me.

There, see, I told her I’d be glad to be a resource to her, after we established some rapport.

See what happened there? I genuinely cared about her as a person and shared a helpful tip, and I created a real fan. You just witnessed that today in real time. I just literally did that from scratch with someone who didn’t know me from Adam yesterday.

And I shared a few mp3s with her.

Yes, purpose is super important. Start with your purpose. Make it clear.

And work on it joyfully every single day!

Find your IKIGAI - Japanese for "reason for being"

Find your IKIGAI – Japanese for “reason for being”

My comments on Angella’s post in The Spiritual Entrepreneurs group actually attracted me another connection. Well, they got me one more like. But the person who liked my post I deemed a good person to connect with, so I left a comment on one of her posts on her wall. And she sent me a friend request too. I show the details in this video:

If you’d like help building your tribe, come on over to Tribe University and join today for free.

Thank you to everyone who liked, commented or shared my posts, and everyone reading this post. You rock!

Your friend,

Bevan Bird

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