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You too can Become An Office Superhero, by introducing me to the company where you work, like my friend Steve did! I am a Custom Software Developer and a Geomatics Engineering Technologist. I've been professionally producing software that gives my clients a competitive advantage since 2013.Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Goodness Abounds in This World

I loved this conversation! Dan Teck encourages us to look and see the goodness in the people around us! Who is Dan? He helps you create Your Soulful Book and co-authored Goodness Abounds and other inspirational titles. We will find out why … Continue reading

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Bob Burg Interviewed on Referral Based Business Building

Can a subtle shift in focus really make that big of a difference in your business and in your income? Our guest says, “Absolutely, yes!”   This interview was a lot of fun! Listen in here: Download mp3 About today’s guest: … Continue reading

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Inner Awakening! Exclusive Interview with Sri Tathata at Van Dusan Gardens, Vancouver, Canada

Last spring, in Van Dusan Gardens, here in Vancouver (Canada), I was honoured to get the opportunity to interview and film Sri Tathata (with his interpreter). He is an authentic Master or Sage of South India. Inner Awakening! Exclusive Interview … Continue reading

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How to Extract Numbered Lists out of Documents to Summarize

I was looking at this post and wanted to extract the list to make a summary. I didn’t want all the explanation of each point, just a list of the numbered points. I figured I would show you one way … Continue reading

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Want to know how to invite all your friends to a Facebook event all at once?

Do you want to invite lots of your Facebook friends to an event, page or group? It’s a tedious task to select them one-by-one, which is why the “Toggle all” button is so great. It lets you select them all … Continue reading

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