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Bevan Bird loves doing handstands, bouldering and BMXing. He lives in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. He was born there, but traveled a lot before returning home. As Director of Social Media at MeetLab, he's helping bring visionary leadership to Vancouver's aspiring entrepreneurs. He's passionate about helping foster more startup success stories like PlentyofFish and Hootsuite and attract top talent to our amazing city! Feel free to join the 2,000 people who follow him on Twitter. And if you're an entrepreneur, online marketer or social media marketer, check out what he's doing with Vancouver Visionaries! Follow @604Visionaries on Twitter for the best updates on growth-hacking.

Vacations are Good for the Body and Soul

Vacations are good for the body and good for the soul.  If you do a vacation right, you come back feeling refreshed and eager to return to work. (Quoted from The Little Book of Stress Relief by David Posen.) I just … Continue reading

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Attract Targeted Attention, Build Rapport Personally, Video Invite

  Right now I’m creating training content for Network Marketers in any company, showing them how to use Facebook effectively to increase their influence and invite people to watch their videos in a way that is not spamming people.. but … Continue reading

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Financial Freedom

Anthony Robbins explains how to achieve financial freedom in this video. I listened to this while driving back to Vancouver after spending Christmas with my family… and I found it extremely valuable, so I highly recommend you do too! You can … Continue reading

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Introducing Mr. Kitsilano

Mr. Kitsilano written Dec. 14, 2013 I was born at home in Kitsilano at 3rd and Blenheim.  We called it the creamy house because of the colour of its exterior.  Right after that my father held me up to the … Continue reading

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How I went from broke to earning over $100,000 this year!

I’ve been talking with some of my friends and they’ve urged me to explain what I did to go from broke to a six figure income this year. So here goes… I had made choices that led me to be … Continue reading

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Level Loop Adjustment Spreadsheet

This handy spreadsheet computes a level loop’s misclosure and distributes corrections evenly throughout the loop. You supply the rod readings or height differences around the loop as well as the starting and ending elevation. The spreadsheet computes the misclosure and adjusted elevations … Continue reading

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Data Mapper

If you have missing data, sorting it won’t line up all the rows correctly. But Data Mapper will. Where there is no data available (null), there will be an empty row. Once you know the steps, it will take just … Continue reading

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Want to know how to invite all your friends to a Facebook event all at once?

Do you want to invite lots of your Facebook friends to an event, page or group? It’s a tedious task to select them one-by-one, which is why the “Toggle all” button is so great. It lets you select them all … Continue reading

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