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Bevan Bird is an Internet Strategist - Serving growing businesses that improve people's quality of life. He can serve you with Online Marketing Consulting, providing Clarity, Connections & Exposure... He loves climbing natural rock walls without gear over beautiful sandy beaches in the tropics. He lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where he was born, but traveled a lot in his childhood. Since any website can be tweaked to improve the results that matter to your business, he can help you find ways to do just that. Feel free to join the 2,610 people who follow him on Twitter for tips, resources and fun.

Conversion Optimization – 10 Must Read Articles!

Conversion rate optimization is an extremely powerful lever for websites that have significant traffic. A small increase in the conversion rate can equal a large increase in profits in your business. In some cases, a small change to your website can significantly increase … Continue reading

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A Few Resources For Truly Visionary Entrepreneurs

Earlier today I talked with an ambitious young lady who helps men dress like gentlemen. She is the best at what she does here in Vancouver. She is planning to launch her own personal brand, put herself out there and achieve the ever-larger goals she … Continue reading

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Even Masters of Public Speaking Will Benefit From Karen McGregor’s Rock The Stage

This evening I went to Karen McGregor’s presentation Triple Your Income Through Speaking. I had heard great things about her Rock The Stage workshops. Why did I go? I wanted to learn to become a better public speaker. The time was extremely … Continue reading

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B2B Social Media Lead Generation Can Be Very Easy On Twitter

If you have an amazing product or service, tell people about it! For the past month leading up to May 15, I was telling people about our Vancouver Visionaries Luncheon which featured Markus Frind, the CEO and President of Plenty … Continue reading

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How to Extract Numbered Lists out of Documents to Summarize

I was looking at this post and wanted to extract the list to make a summary. I didn’t want all the explanation of each point, just a list of the numbered points. I figured I would show you one way … Continue reading

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How to Choose World-Class Images – 5 Tips from a Content Ninja

This is an iguana I saw at the Tulum ruins in January… And this is a view from my apartment in Coal Harbour, looking west, out into Vancouver’s harbour, shot just now… You can see ships from China and part of … Continue reading

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Vacations are Good for the Body and Soul

Vacations are good for the body and good for the soul.  If you do a vacation right, you come back feeling refreshed and eager to return to work. (Quoted from The Little Book of Stress Relief by David Posen.) I just … Continue reading

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Financial Freedom

Anthony Robbins explains how to achieve financial freedom in this video. I listened to this while driving back to Vancouver after spending Christmas with my family… and I found it extremely valuable, so I highly recommend you do too! You can … Continue reading

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Level Loop Adjustment Spreadsheet

This handy spreadsheet computes a level loop’s misclosure and distributes corrections evenly throughout the loop. You supply the rod readings or height differences around the loop as well as the starting and ending elevation. The spreadsheet computes the misclosure and adjusted elevations … Continue reading

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Data Mapper

If you have missing data, sorting it won’t line up all the rows correctly. But Data Mapper will. Where there is no data available (null), there will be an empty row. Once you know the steps, it will take just … Continue reading

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