Bevan’s raving fans say…

Howard Olsen



“AWESOME workshop about Twitter for business… Bevan is one smart dude! …. He is easy to follow and practical… He’s a social media genius!”

Howard Olsen, Vancouver, Canada
Owner of High Output Training Systems
Farhana Dhalla




“I have to tell you, I LOVE the way this man teaches. He is all about HEART and SMART – in that order. If you are looking for someone to help you on anything social media/software related, contact him.”

Farhana Dhalla, Vancouver, Canada
Author of International #1 Best Seller Thank You for Leaving Me
Nat Green


“Bevan clearly is an expert when it comes to growing one’s business through social media. To say he is passionate about helping you grow your business is an understatement. Don’t hesitate to connect with Bevan today and get connected!”

Nat Green, Vancouver, Canada
Co-Founder of Success Affiliate Network


Sunny TrimSaul Fleischman


“Bevan helped me begin to understand how Social Media works for businesses. He is very patient and explained things in a way that I could understand. He helped me open my mind further and I learned that a little bit of marketing can go a long way. I’m creating a dialogue and it’s making my customers feel special… it’s a win-win situation. I recommend his services.”

Sunny Trim, Vancouver, Canada
Owner of Vancouver Corporate Yoga



“Having been fortunate enough to speak with him, I don’t know if it his positivity, marketing know-how or engagement savvy, but whether you are “set up and running” with social media or about to test the waters, get talking with Bevan. His core processes are up-to-date, his wisdom beyond his years.”

Saul Fleischman, Osaka, Japan
Founder of RiteTag, Owner of OsakaBentures


Marilyn Anderson

“Bevan is a great teacher – he engages, he listens, he pays careful attention and makes sure that his ‘student’ learns and is engaged. He has the nicest, non-threatening way of presenting information and instructions without being in ‘Presentation’ mode. Bevan stays appropriate, listens, concentrates on what his client is saying.”

Marilyn Anderson, Vancouver, Canada
Partner at Duet Media


Carlos Taylhardat

“I hired Bevan to assist us with our Social Media goals. He was professional, proficient and prolific about Social Media. He managed to extend himself and offer beyond what was expected. His advice made sense and gave us a greater awareness of how to be effective with our social media approach. He is also capable of speaking in layman’s terms. If you are a business owner looking for a new marketing approach, consider learning all the benefits that Social Media can provide you. Bevan offers insight-fullness and excellence. He will be an invaluable benefit to your company.”

Carlos Taylhardat, Vancouver, Canada
Owner of Art Of Headshots